Saturday 13 September 2008

on the go

So to prove my workroom is actually producing and not just a mess, here is my patchwork throw. I have all the pieces sewn together I just need to baste and quilt, every ones favourite job, not. I have it on the washing line in the sun with the hope it might fade a little, any other ideas?

I'm also creating a swap piece for jellybellys van swap, so its not just my workroom that's cluttered. On that note I should say hi to Yvonne my swap partner over at country bliss.
This will be my first swap and maybe my last lol! I like to make unique pieces and I'm not sure my quirks are to every ones taste.

I've been meaning to give crocheting another go so I got some wool from my mum to practice.
I don't think I quite got the hang of it, my old 70s book hasn't got enough images so I ended up online as usual. All I can say is hand cramps !*!.
My aunt gave me this old sewing book and its got some excellent photos some of which are back in fashion.

Maybe not this one though!

Me likey this scarf!

I love this window hanging too...

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ginny said...

hello on this sunny saturday,
Love your patchwork .. gorgeous colour combination.
warm wishes
Ginny x