Friday 29 May 2009

fabulous freebies!

Look what just arrived...I only put my name down yesterday...shes here already!!!

Get yourselves over to snapdragon and take part in Jane's badge photo montage event.
All you have to do is choose one of her lovely badges and it will be sent free!
Then all she asks is for you to take a photo of said badge and email it to her, if you are lucky it might well end up in her new catalogue!! There's 100 on offer so get your skates on!!

Tuesday 26 May 2009

st ives

It was St Ives of course.
My favourite haunt and much needed anti-depressant.
Here are my favourite corners.

A lovely old tree at the cemetery gate overlooking porthmeor beach.

A distressed garage door, which will be replaced one day, so I took a picture for posterity sake.

The walkway into town passing through 'salubrious terrace'.

In all the years we have been visiting we never found this beach. Its Porthminster absolutely perfect sand beach with views of the harbour, see below.

The view from Ayr campsite.

The unknown allotment plot, which we pass everyday along the coast.

And not forgetting the shops. The one above sells mainly handmade items, that were unfortunately for me a little expensive, that's the st ives affect.

There is a new CK shop which I did venture into, but yet again failed to fall in love with anything.
The only item I wanted was some blue boat fabric, which they don't keep, however the lady gave me a swatch, actually she gave me two, I was just about clever enough not to open my big mouth and give her one back!!

I have an idea to make a patchwork quilt out of free swatches, roll on the cheekiness!!

Goodbye st ives, until next time...

Friday 22 May 2009

where have I been?

Now I've given it away!

Tuesday 12 May 2009

speakers corner

Whilst I've been away from blogging I've watched a lot of tv, so I'm getting on my soap box to let off some totally pointless steam!
The first gripe is the so called 'kirsties homemade home'. I had high hopes for this program, but oh no was I sadly misled!! I'm sorry to say Kirstie I don't think you have a creative bone in your body, sorry that was harsh. I liked the whole ethos she was trying to create, just not the patronising way she tells us that all our houses are dull carbon copies.
The rooms got progressively worse as she went along, the worst being the awful wallpaper she 'had' put up in the wc. hideous!
By far the saddest moment was when she ripped out the lovely original fireplace and replaced it with a horribly grubby looking stone thing.
All I can say is that Ms Allsopp should do some research next time and focus on some of the lovely 'normal' homes as seen in blogland!!

ps. I did like the fact that she spent £250 on a not very nice quilt!! HAHA!!

My second, this time a well deserved moan, is alas, about my ex favourite program
Gardeners World. Where do I begin? The new concept to this beloved program is so awful I'm considering switching off. Its extremely patronising, smug and fake. The new patch of mud is uninspiring and leaves me wondering whats going on at Berryfields?
I realise they have to attract new gardeners, but what about us non-virgins!!
Please don't show Carol taking cuttings ever again!

I wasn't a big fan of Montys, but after catching an old gw on the gardening channel, I would welcome him back any day!!

Whats hot and whats not gardeners world!

Wednesday 6 May 2009

keep calm and carry on

I'm back in the land of the living. I was hoping to share some exciting news with you all, but it seems that its not just our blackbirds having problems bringing up a brood. Those of you who can read between the lines will understand my absence.

The garden on the other hand is blooming marvelously! The wisteria is the best its ever been this year, its even attracted our blackbirds to build a nest in, which is pretty funny seeing a bird diving in amongst the greenery.

Craft took a back seat for a while, however I did manage to finally send out my give-aways for
Mel and Mary. I really enjoyed making these special hearts. I especially liked how the patchwork one turned out.

I think its time I got serious and started selling, what do you think? They do take a fair amount of time to make, being hand stitched. I think it would be a labour of love rather than a money spinner.
Now I'm off to catch up with all your blogs! Its like having lots of lovely deliveries turn up at once!