Tuesday 16 September 2008


I'm talking toes here in case you were wondering. Am I the only girl who can shop for hours and buy nothing, except a 50p jug from a charity shop!

I have a wedding to go to in October on the Mall in London!! Hence the shoe shopping trip. The wedding being in London means lots of stylish people and somehow I have to fit in or at least make some kind of effort. Any one who knows me, will understand that I'm more of a welly wearing sort of girl, so I was actually quite excited to be buying some high heels!
Then came the shopping or should I say the looking. I don't really like shopping for clothes mainly because I can never find what I want and I like a bit of originality, I could never go and buy something really obvious for fear of seeing someone else wearing it better!

picture from whorockeditbetter blog.

Have any of you tried on the latest in high heel fashion? OMG have feet evolved over the years?
I really thought I must have anatomically incorrect toes after the third no go pair, I feel for those 'ugly sisters' now!
So after traipsing round every shop I made a last ditch for M&S, not somewhere I frequent. And lo and behold we have shoes that fit!! There's a lot to be said for shops that display shoes in pairs, who don't have an assistant breathing down your neck with 'do you need any help', now I realise that's annoying, having worked in a shoe department I have said this line. They make you say it!

I'm not sure whether it was out of desperation or the fact that they fit, but I bought these. I already have a brown 60s style dress from zara, so I'm trying to go for the black tights and shoe boot look, I'm not entirely convinced, but who's going to be looking at me.

When I showed my Husband he said 'very 80s'. Great....

On a positive I did a bit of research on the old long toe issue, and turns out that a long second toe is a
sign of wisdom.
I thankyou.


Anonymous said...

Of course it is! Moi aussi!

Anonymous said...

I always thought the long toe was a sign of royalty? Cute shoes! Not 80's at all (what do men know about women's fashion anyway).

Country Bliss said...

Love the shoes and I have that jug!

Anonymous said...

I was told it was a sign of Celtic ancestry.