Wednesday 26 August 2009

happy days

Before I was down in the dumps I made this
'happy book'
for me to draw on things that I'm good at or things that make me happy. Obviously it didn't work! But I've rediscovered her.
And promise to always keep at hand
( this is def not scrapbooking!) : )

*more on the jam later

Must remember that one!

Anyone ever pushed so hard on a needle that the thread end stabbed into your finger?
I don't recommend it!

Tuesday 25 August 2009


Thankyou all for your support and inspiration!
I can see some improvement in my train of thought.
However I would feel much better if the ground wasn't so damn hard, so I can get planting!

Hopefully going swimming tonight to start a get fit routine!

Friday 21 August 2009

the great depression

My prediction at the beginning of the year
2009 will be just fine
has not come to fruition.

I have succumbed to the melancholic way of thinking and cannot get out.
I don't even know how to write this post..

I have suffered mild depression in the past which is linked to a hormone imbalance (pcos) that I have , its a vicious circle.

I shall either battle on or cut off my left ear!

This isn't a sympathy post, I just feel my life on the blog shouldn't all be about roses,
when its so blatantly not!

ps. my creative mind has packed up and left the building!
any ideas would be much appreciated.

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Life is like a custard pie...

Monday 10 August 2009

karen n gok

The past month or so my friend of 20 years and bridesmaid has been filming for the next 'how to look good naked' series, and Friday was the big reveal.

At the crack of dawn our tribe of family and friends made our way to Birmingham with excited anticipation, as we had not seen Karen since her make-over.

That excitement soon turned to fear and a general turning of our stomachs as we heard the huge crowd. It felt like we were at a beatles gig with all the screaming girls!

As friends we had seats up front and had to fill in consent forms so they could show our gasps on tv. They also took our photos with our names on a board for identification. It was so loud that the girl above got my name slightly wrong. I shall be known as clare oval from now on !! LOL

Unfortunately I don't have better photos, as I was using a rubbish camera but also we couldn't take photos as we were being filmed.
We all thought she was very brave and gorgeous of course!

So I shall just leave you with this tiny snippet of the day.
A huge poster of my friend revealed right at the end.
Stunning or what!!

I know you are all wondering whether she revealed all?
Well you will just have to wait until autumn!

Wednesday 5 August 2009

less is more

Romsey tea-room gardens

Where do I begin with this post?
Of late I've been very good with my purchases for the house/garden
only buying things I (mainly) need.
However plants continue to grow folks,
which invariably means that they don't get on as well with each other; as they did when I lovingly planted them.

Today I took a trip to a little but lovely Victorian inspired garden in Romsey.
(thanks Lisa for reminding me that Romsey still exists!!).
Its attached to a lovely tearoom.
Its possibly a little over this year, but still has a lovely restful quality, which is what I want!

On returning home to my own garden I can see things that need sorting out.
Which will have to wait until next year now!!
This is my new arch which I hope to grow roses or clematis over.

I don't really have photos of the clutter, but believe me its there!
I do love aspects of my garden, and can see how pretty it will be eventually!
Creating a garden is hard!!
(I know I'm lucky to have a garden)

Below is a less is more area and it is definitely more relaxing...

more photos on my garden blog

Calling all charity shops please dont change,
I'm talking here about the new products they buy in to sell.
The whole appeal of charity shopping is to find a gem with some sort of history.
I also would never touch something over a fiver either,
unless its much wanted, these are not antique shops!
(I can say this having worked in help the aged for 3 years).

Romsey charity shops are too darn expensive!!!
When I'm charity shopping I am on the hunt,
If I don't find anything I'm dismayed.

I found today's gem in the last shop for 1.50
(not worth any more)

Boy has it seen some history!!
I thought on first inspection it was a faked new plate, you know the sort.

This is where I photograph most of my things as the light is good; and yes I painted the stand and yes it was from a charity shop! I thought it would be good for cupcake displayage.

The sun is actually out today, so I really should be out there!