Thursday 28 October 2010

Barbara Hepworth garden

I have found a new heroine 
Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975)
I must confess to knowing very little about one of Britain's most important sculptors, 
something that I shall be reading up on.

On a recent trip to our beloved St Ives we made many new discoveries..
one being this oasis of evergreen in the middle of town.
It amazes me how we find something new every year.
It was the last day of a wonderful week of sunny days and high tides.
I've seen signs for her garden many times, 
this year we stumbled across it..

And wow I am so glad we did, never before have I wanted to be someone else,
live someone elses life, and live in someone elses home and garden!
 The ghostly studio definitely had a presence, as though she was due back at any moment.
Quite a little museum on its own.

It felt to me like a very loved home and garden, 
which is why I felt so at peace.
Everything had a lived in feel, no pretension.
Just a lady, a garden and her sculptures....


An inspiring breath of fresh air, somewhere I could spend all day, 
  and somewhere I shall return to....

Friday 22 October 2010

my creative space

My creative space has turned into my creative mess.
When does the crochet haven become the crochet hell?

Anyway I've finished the chunky experiment!
And not bad timing what with this chill in the air.
I'm quite thrilled really,
its always a good sign when your other half says
'you made that?!'
I hope so anyway!!

Love how next doors apples are hanging like Christmas baubles...
...yeah that's coming up isn't it?

Its very warm and cuddly soft.
I've used 3 balls for this scarf,
and had considered making it huge,
I'm waiting to see how it works first.
I have a feeling it might stretch out with wear,
I don't want to end up looking like
doctor who!!

Details for this scarf then:

size~ 80 inches by 5 inches

yarn~Cygnet seriously chunky (acrylic)
purchased here


Amount~300g = 3 balls

stitch used~ 10 trebles per row (uk)

edited hook~ 9mm
thanks serenata

Now I need to go on a lovely country walk
anyone want to join me??

Have a snuggly weekend all!

Saturday 16 October 2010

its blooming autumn?

Okay so this post was going to be just an update on the crochet
But I've just wandered round the garden, and there is still so much in bloom
I had to share.

The first is an orangy pompom dahlia lismore sunset
purchased as a root cutting this year from Gilberts nursery.
Orders must be submitted before spring,
I am thinking I might order more as they are an economical way of having beautiful colour in the garden in Autumn.
The rose still very much in bloom is Burgundy Ice.
So here it is~all 24 inches of it!
I think to make it long enough to actually go round my neck,
I may need 3 more skeins!

Another pompom dahlia~willows surprise
I do love them!

I'm still very much a newbie to this crochet lark.
I like how this year has turned out.
Never thought I'd get a yarn addiction!

Now what to do with the rest of the chunky?
I am inwardly thinking a granny extreme?

Too passe?

ps. there would have been more blooms but blogger is being rubbish!

Friday 15 October 2010

english mustard

So whats a girl to do?
Start a new project!!
Did I say I'm loving mustard?
I love the combination of blue jean and mustard.
So I've started an easy peasy scarf,
just a 10 treble row job.
It looks a little wobbly, that's just a bad angle.
I've found when working with chunky yarns and big hooks (9mm)
its easier to hold the hook this way.
Oh well I shall carry on until I run out of this colour!

Everyone have a great weekend!
I shall be here!

right now

This morning I have been reading your blogs in bed!
One in particular has captured me
A refreshingly kooky blog, 
thats got me hooked, no it is not a crochet site!
This post is an homage to Tavi,
god I wish I was 14 again!!
Why was I up so early?
My husband has knobbed off to Barcelona with his mates..
..blogfest methinks?

The above was me setting up for a photo,
sometimes the mistakes are the best.

I am wearing my favourite colour of the mo
Whats that grey thing around my neck?
Why that's my chunky crochet so far.
Anyone who has experience will have realised that I didn't buy enough of one single colour to make :

a. a long enough scarf
or b. a full sized cowl!
Oh the irritation!!

Silly me thinking 100grams was loads, 
but its weight isnt it?
Chunky=heavy yarn...duh

More about the cowl when I get more yarn.

friday feelings

Eaten:  porridge with homemade jam, its the best thing!
Heard:  Barry Manilow-I heard it through the rain
and I'm loving it!
Thought:  I like my hair long, I'm growing it for winter!! 
Felt:  Cold feet!

Bye for now, I shall be stalking your blogs this weekend
watch out!!!

Thursday 14 October 2010


No I'm not about to do the truffle shuffle!
I got me some seriously chunky yarn*.
 Got any crochet scarf/neck warmer patterns?
I'm off to ravelry...

*seriously chunky cygnet yarn was purchased at
It is 100% acrylic eeek!!
It may well fluff up..
but at £2.10 for 100g its a cheap way to play.

my god knitting is on this morning!! 
four girls who yarn bomb the streets.
Just looked up their website
knit the city
Apparently its wool week this week?
Hurrah for all things woolly and (erhem) yarny!!

*edited for your info
one of the above makes half a scarf/cowl,
see above post for an idea
you may need to order more than you thought!

Monday 11 October 2010

feels like home

Did I ever tell you that I love St Ives??

more to follow..

Friday 1 October 2010


dear floor boards 
one day you will be shiney and new
until then here is a little crochet to cover your blemish.

Happy weekending to you all!