Wednesday 27 January 2010

I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love!!!

Okay so I know I said I wasn't posting so much,
but I  had to share what has literally just dropped through my door!!!!!!
Miracles do happen!
I won this lot on ebay (I never win on ebay) for £8.50!!!!
There are 6 pieces in all.
Each hexagon lovingly hand stitched.
Look at the pony!

This package was sort of an unknown really, as the sellers picture wasnt that great.
So you can imagine the gasps and the pounding of my heart on opening.
I do believe I was heard to say omg omg under my breath, any number of times!
This is just the type of patchwork I want to create myself, If only I could find such great fabrics!
I thought I would make cushions to keep for myself   sell.
I've seen some (not as nice) in the CK vintage bit for £35!!!!
Just look at the colours!
Now I must go and make tea and swoon.....

Monday 25 January 2010

I dream of crochet!

Remember the story of the red shoes?
The one where the ballerina comes to a sticky end due to the shoes making her dance non stop.

Well its much the same with me;
only it's not shoes it's a crochet hook!
Seriously they should come with a health warning.

 Thats 49 down. Only 28 to go!!
You may notice that I have added two new colours,
lemon and burgundy,
I  needed  to add some depth.
I now know why crochet blankets are so colourful,
its exciting to see if the different colour combinations work, or not.

Heres where I need your help.
Should I finish my squares in white or not?

I do like lighter colours/new england style,
which is why I am having issues with the clashing colours.
What do you think?
(image google granny blanket and you will find lots that are white)

...and when I'm not crocheting squares! LOL

So now I am needing another trip to buy more wool....
In the mean time I have some patchwork pondering to do.
With the help from Sal who has sent me some lovely scraps of fabric and a lovely pink piece which I won in her giveaway.


A roll-up crochet hook tidy maybe??

Monday 18 January 2010

my first crochet project

With my newly found crochet skills  love, the need for a new project was excitedly playing on my mind. So off I trot to the shops for my first ever sweaty palmed purchase of some wool. That said, I should mention that this was not my first foray, you see I come from a long line of knitters, so many a day was spent playing on the floor of the local wool shops, unfortunately these have all since closed, so my first wool would have to be bought in John Lewis; hence the sweatyness of the trip!

 After a lot of head scratching I bit the bullet and made my purchase.
Now comes the pondering of what to make and which colours to use! Lots more head scratching and lots of tea. Ever noticed how colour themes can be sub-consciously carried around in your head?

So I have decided on a granny blanket to be my first project whilst I'm still perfecting my stitches.
It has also been helpful to see how colours go together, this is my favourite so far.
Not wanting to be completely ordinary, I'm using the circlular method to begin, as opposed to the bog-standard granny square (in my last crochet post), I have to challenge myself don't I!

And here are the rest of my babies!
Colourwise, this not really the scheme I was going for, however I think the great thing about crochet is the randomness, sometimes its best to roll with it!

I have also found  that its good to have a mix of dark and light colours.
The pink and pale turquoise were an after thought, just some of my practice wool, but I am amazed at how they brought my little squares alive.
There is a scheme of sorts, as I'm not completely into the multi-coloured look (yet).
I noticed that it was quite similar to my cushion, so thats what I'm saying is my inspiration, hehe!

 The obligatory stack shot!


Have I rattled on enough?
I'm so in love I even took them out with me to a girls get together.

This post has hopefully been inspirational and not too self important.
Believe me once you know the basics it all falls into place!

points of interest

1. read the labels on the wool so you dont buy a mixture of dk and 4ply by mistake like I did, I learnt a lesson , and now I know I much prefer double knit wool

2. practice with a 5mm hook move to a 4mm hook for basic stitches (depending on your yarn type)

3. granny squares consist of three stitches. Two very basic and one treble stitch. Easy!

4. pop on over to attic24 where you will find a wonderous array of gorgeous crochet, also some very good tutorials.

5. let me go now and crochet!!!

Wednesday 13 January 2010

heart shaped

I saw this Diane and thought of you!

Monday 11 January 2010

crochet wonderland

I've done it my dears! At long long last I have learnt how to crochet! And I cannot tell you how my heart is racing at the thought of future projects!
I know its a trend, mainly inspired by attic24, however I had tried crochet years back but got hooked on patchwork instead!

Last year  I ordered the book on the right, (cos I could crochet right? LOL), whilst being a gorgeous read, do you think I could understand the strange diagrams and abbreviations? NO!!
 Back to basics with the lefty which was a christmas present and boy have I used it!

Found some old wool I got off Mum and bought a new hook...

My first attempts were certainly hindered by the tequila, in my sunrise!
Not a great mix!!
 I got the basic idea, now to put it together.
My books were a great help, however there's nothing like seeing the real thing.
Enter you tube.

 Ipods are not just for music.
Much to the amusement of the husband, this was often how I was found at the weekend!
God please dont look at my belly! Too many chocolates have been eaten!

The film I found was by an American man,
which I only found out once I'd found my earphones!
(usa and uk crochet stitches have differing names,
so best to watch without sound, or find an english one!!)

Heres what I managed.
 They may be far from perfect, I'm just as they say hooked.

 It really is worth a try.
Its a lot easier than it looks!

* * *

Now the wonderland bit!

I think we all have seen snow this year, right?

Still irresistable to us snappers!

Monday 4 January 2010

my god, its full of stars*

**Welcome welcome to 2010**

Let me start the new year by thanking you all for your time and willingness to share your snippets ; )

With nearly two years of blogging under my belt, a few things are going to change this year.
I am seriously hoping to finally make use of what talent I have! Now its just deciding which one to use !LOL
Why are all the good blogging names taken!!
So I may be a bit lax on the blogging front, which may mean a lack of correspondence, for that I appologise.
If I dont make these rules, 2010 will be just another blogging year!

What's your new project for the year?

I'm off ;  the scenery painting is a calling....

* for the non geeks, 'my god, its full of stars' is from 2010 space odyssey