Wednesday 10 September 2008

migraine stops play

Gosh sorry for no posts, I think the image I got from migraine chickie sums up my week.

I do have some tomatoes at last, though they have brown speckles on them any ideas?

The butternut squashes are growing too, I just hope we get some sun this year to make em mature.

And lastly if you visit the Queens Head in Burley you might be lucky enough to meet this cheeky customer! We, or should I say 'I' have been toying with the idea of getting a cat. We had two very special cats who sadly passed on, see my sidebar. Its very hard to think about getting another cat when you become so attached and then lose them, but then a cat pops up like this one and it pulls on my heart strings. However this year without a cat has done wonders for bird life in my garden and I love a bit of twitching. So what should I do?
We would definitely rescue a cat probably from the bluecross or such like.


silverpebble said...

Oof, migranies are grim and really debilitating when they hit I've heard. Hope you're feeling better. That looks like a very friendly pub cat to me! Does he eat pork scratchings? I completed your tree of happiness meme - thanks - it made me think! Emma x

pinkgreen said...

Brown patches on tomatoes could well be blight - mine have got it this year due to all the rain. If the patches spread and the leaves turn brown too then it is blight and you need to burn all the plants and plant them somewhere different next year. It is a real pain - this is the 2nd year on the trot I have lost most of mine. Your squash look good though - yummy. Can't advise on the cat situation only having had dogs.
Cathy X

Simone said...

Oh dear. I hope you are feeling better now. I had two lovely cats for 16 and 17 years. I waited a year and then got a cat from Cats Protection. It took quite a long time to bond with him as he was semi-feral and nothing like my lady cats but now I love him! Why don't you consider an indoor cat? That way you can have a cat and protect the birds.

JuliaB said...

I've been there! Used to love spending time in Burley but haven't been for a while! Nice kitty! I love cats too but think it's best not to have one due to holiday care, and bird life.. xx