Tuesday 26 April 2011

the royal wadding

Sorry i couldnt resist the pun!
Anyone else think this weather is a bit freakish?
Lovely though!!
I've finished my wadding trials.
There were 8 samples in all,
bought from the cotton patch
It wasnt strictly a precise exercise as I 
also used it as a way to practice 
machine patching and quilting.
On the whole I've got a good idea of my preference
regarding shrinkage and drape.

ps.colours were not chosen to be adored
especially the string block!

So here we go.
lemon meringue zigzag
Hobbs heirloom premium.
80% cotton 20% polyester
Wadding is 4mm thick
and semi/soft.
No shrinkage after washing.
log cabin
Hobbs heirloom white
3mm and soft.
approx. 1/2" shrinkage
nice light weight drape.
Hobbs heirloom wool
10mm and semi/soft
no shrinkage.
gives a kind of poofy look after washing.
A bit delicate for everyday use.
yellow aquares
Quilters cotton request
2mm and soft.
no shrinkage.
another light weighter.
(free hand quilting is tough!!!!)
green and black
10mm super soft!!
Maybe a tiny amount of shrinkage.
Really lovely for a special project,
but not for everyday use.
Hideous string block
Quilters dream blend
2mm softish
no shrinkage
Quilters dream select
3mm and softer
Shrunk approx 1/4"
Remains quilt a bulky drape after washing,
nice traditional quilt feel.
pink bricks with terrible free hand hearts!!
Warm and natural
3mm and lumpy soft.
Shrunk a little.
Feels quite solid, after washing
All in all a good learning experience.
If you have never tried natural or a blend
before I highly recommend giving it ago.
I love the way the wadding grabs on to the fabric
which made pinning and quilting a lot easier.
Also the thought of machine quilting a large quilt
is less daunting now I've worked with these samples
as they are a dream to manoeuvre.
On the whole 
I enjoyed sewing the first wadding best, 
plus its a blend so the durabilty will be there.
But really, I think any of the cotton wadding would be fine.

Friday 22 April 2011

fresh air good friday

Happy Easter to you all.
I hope you are able to enjoy some sun this weekend,
wherever you are.

Last weekend I made a cage for my salad.
Yep the sparrows are not 
eating my salad this year!
Remember to enjoy your garden!
ps. can you tell I have a decent camera again!!
No more underwater shots!

Wednesday 20 April 2011

just a chair

Whilst most of you were interested 
in my last 'fun' post 
on saving energy,
I fear I may have offended?
So here's a bit of mindless enjoyment.

I failed to tell you with the turquoise chair,
that I have 5 more, all for the princely sum of £15
(from the dump).
I'm going to paint the four chairs
and leave the arm chairs wooden.
This chair is painted in a grey satinwood,
paint I already had from painting shelves.
If I have offended anyone
keep it to yourself :O)

thanks x

Tuesday 19 April 2011

geeky but quite interesting

So my husband got this gadget
free from southern electric.
Don't ask me what he did to get it 
because I don't know!
It measures how many watts of electricity
we use
(amongst other nerdy things!)
Thought you might like a
heads up on
the good the bad and the ugly!!
The one above  46 is the basic usage
including fridge, clocks etc.
We are looking at the big number here!
From low to high,
here we go with the good!!
sewing machine
washing machine 30 degrees
And now for the bad!!
hair dryer
 vacuum cleaner
And the grand finale..
the ugly!!
the humble kettle!!!
makes you think doesn't it?

At least now I know how we save money,
by not using the baddies LOL!!
Don't think I could give up tea though!!

ps. I can do requests!
not sure about the whole leaving things on stand by?
My husband doesnt believe in it.
I shall have to do another experiment.

pps. not that I'm addicted or anything.
leaving my lap top adaptor switched on at the wall
yet not actually charging
doesnt use any electricity,
not that it should, but I always worry,
but now I don't have too!

this blog post is supposed to be a fun
look on how household appliances use energy,
and to help you work out ways of paying less electricity.
We were in know way made to have this gadget!

Monday 18 April 2011

spring runner sew along finale

This is my entry for the spring runner sew along
This was my first sew along
and my second machine project.
The fabric inspiration came from
a gorgeous floral remnant.
I wasn't sure if I had done it justice....
....but now I completely love it!!

It's certainly been a timely project,
spring is definitely here now
If you would like to see what the other 
participants came up with 
take a look.

Friday 15 April 2011

fresh air friday

Is it really Friday again?
I have pretty much been
a slave to the paintbrush
this week.
Although I have managed to squeeze in 
a number of hours in the garden.
Remember my lovely ballerina tulips.
Unfortunately, most of them are still in the shed!
I think they are far safer left in the garden,
than in my hands!
 Absolutely love the onion family!!
Not exactly sure what these are,
they are not bog standard chives, 
or garlic chives,
as I grow both, and they aren't the same.
My beloved camassia
already starting to bloom,
which I think is early.
I shall have to check last years post.
Yep just checked last years posts,
nearly a whole month early!
 We have a ton of bluebells in our garden,
which I love because I have to do nothing but enjoy!
 Another excellent do nothing plant is
Euphorbia amygdaloides
Lovely heart shaped
 A snapshot of the veg bed.
Still too early for squash and sweetcorn,
but it's nice to plan.
 No grapes to be fed this year!
He's already eyed up my kitchen door.
The always forgotten beautiful
cherry blossom

Jobs I have done this week
and for you to do at the weekend.

spreading soil improver over the dryer part of the garden,
now the garden really pongs!

dug out an old wisteria 
hmm scary roots!

picked and eaten rhubarb twice!!

dug out the yellow/orange rose
It's a lovely rose, I just wouldn't have bought it myself.
It confines what I can grow,
I'm more of a relaxed romantic kind of gal.
I have potted it up and taken cuttings.

moved over-crowded plants.


So bring on Gardeners World..
..whatever the weather enjoy your garden :o)