Friday 25 September 2009

forever friday

Thanks for all your great comments regarding my photographs. My words have been few and far between of late, for that I apologise. My canon camera (joined at the hip) finally gave up on me in July, after 5 years of good service.

My new camera (soon to be my new hip buddy) is a panasonic lumix which has a 12x zoom and super macro. It also has a lovely big screen which is novel for me as my canon screen was the size of a postage stamp!

There was in fact an ulterior motive for the quick purchase of said camera,
the destination, I shall share in lets say a couple of weeks?
Hope you can wait til then?
I was tagged a long time ago by michela.
So I shall leave you with free things that I like.

peeping at plants in front gardens

creating an a to z of words that describe me

suddenly remembering funny dreams

strange unexplained coincidences

and laughing with Mr Fete, laughing because we are laughing

be back soon...

ps. apologies for the ever so slightly suggestive flower parts!

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Friday 18 September 2009

So what do you think of the latest fashion?
I'm actually quite liking the inventiveness of today's youngsters.
I'm 35 so I was a kid in the 80s so by the time I got fashion, grunge was in.
(for the record I was wearing grunge before grunge became grunge!)

God I wish I was 19 again!

Can you believe these are today's fashion pages!

Chelsea girl, topshop, snob, eat your heart out!!
Talking of topshop, have you been in there lately?
Its like a timewarp!

hee hee now which one were you??

This is my nod towards the 80s and if you think this is a bit out there,
you haven't been to the shops in a wee while!
Go and take a look!

What has caught your eye this autumn?

ps. am I the only one who swears when I delete photos by mistake?

Tuesday 15 September 2009

I hope you dance

for Patrick Swayze my first crush

Friday 11 September 2009

things that make me go mmm...

sharing recipes from other bloggers ~ apologies to whom I got this one from.
It was from a blog chain!


digging my new bog garden

making a gift hamper for my best mate


finding free poetry postcards in the library

and hoping that the sun shines for you this weekend!

Tuesday 8 September 2009

a little help from my friends

I will never under estimate the uplifting power of great friends be they real or virtual.
May I thank you once more for all your inspirational words and blogs.
A special thank you to Jo my good friend who gave me these lovely hydrangeas.
I love them!

The view from my sewing machine.

Jo was amongst some friends who stayed with us at the weekend. With the loft room already taken I returned my sewing room back to a bedroom. (all be it an air-bedroom!)
So now I have a light and airy room and its got me all enthusiastic to make better use of the space.

I've earmarked a table that I've seen on ebay as a hopeful.
As you can see I'm a little cluttered!

Feeling creative (hurrah) I began making my friend
(the how to look good naked one)
some bunting for her birthday. Completely forgetting that the belt on my machine has failed!

Up to the loft to resurrect this old lady that belonged to my aunt.
I've kept her because I love her turquoise enamel finish, but now I'm glad I kept her.
She drops the odd stitch, but did the job!

I love this bunting so much!!

I've really enjoyed my creative splurge
today, even labelling my jam etc.

I'm making up a gift box for her birthday and to celebrate her passing her paramedic exams.
I shall show you the finished parcel later.

I must leave you with this gorgeous dahlia, which I purchased at the local fete on Saturday.
Actually it was a bit of a research outing, as I would like to have a stall next year selling plants, jam, handicrafts etc. Jo is starting up a cupcake business so we were both inspired.

I hope you too have good friends give you that boost when you need it.
I value mine above all.

Thursday 3 September 2009


Wow who can believe its September already?

Am I the only one who loved the day of rain yesterday?
It meant that I could get on with some digging today, hurrah!
I'm loving this lacecap hydrangea.
Both my hydrangeas flowered for the first time this year which is nice.

I'm still harvesting lots from the garden and collecting free seed for next year.

Whilst in the harvesting mood I gathered up this beaut from my local cs.

As you can see its a small but original sussex trug and looks good on my fireplace for now.
I am still on the look out for a big one. (trug that is)

Nine and counting!
Yep that's nine jars of jam/jelly so far this year.
Strawberry, raspberry, bramble jelly and my best revelation~
raspberry jelly (for those who don't like bits).

Don't think I will be eating all that jam either!
share and share alike..

Can you guess from my happy book what I've been up to?
Exercise is good for the mind as well as the body
(especially after all that jam testing/tasting!)