Monday 29 September 2008

this is my patch

Do you take your camera everywhere and never see anything interesting? Well generally this is true, but I tricked mother nature and hid my camera, and what do you know we saw the three little pigs!

This is only the second time I have seen them since moving. Pigs are allowed to roam the forest at this time of year to eat the acorns, this is to prevent horses being poisoned. It was doubly cool because I was walking with my friend, its great to share nature on your back door.

A beautiful Sunday morning, cue Mr Robin! I am renaming him Screwy for now as his behaviour can only be described as such. I know robins can be inquisitive but this one was off the the chart!
My husband and I were making lots of noise on the patio, lots of rummaging in the shed and whatnot (that's not a euphemism!), and up bobs the robin.

Now I learnt my lesson during the summer not to get over friendly with a bird. So I haven't been overly friendly or left food out for the robin, only the occasional worm whilst digging.

Yet this little bird hopped into my kitchen, this is the third bird I've had in there! Whats the attraction? Next he was in the shed followed by the garage. Much to the amusement of my husband who was more worried about his van being pooped on!

He then led me a merry dance around the garden, that's the robin not my husband!!
I think I shall be seeing a lot more of Screwy...

After the mornings fun we returned to the wild, this time on our bikes, just a gentle 12 mile pootle around. Here's my patch...


Simone said...

You live in a lovely patch. How wonderful to see pigs roaming free! Isn't it strange that the birds want to come into your home? It makes me think of the scene in Snow White when all the birds and animals want to come in and clear up! You're not Snow White by any chance are you?!

Country Bliss said...

It looks beautiful there! I've always wanted a pig, I just need a smallholding to keep it in lol. I'm glad Mr Robin is still around.

Sal said...

It's a beautiful patch that you have there! ;-)