Tuesday 23 September 2008

one day in my life

You can tag along with me today to see what I get up to. Earlyish breakfast of muesli and 6 tablets, 4 are drugs (not illegal) and 2 are vitamins, before you start to panic that I have some horrible illness, I have pcos which to me is pretty awful. It is a hormone disorder which is incurable and affects me in as many ways as you can think.

The early breakfast is so I can get to the hospital to have blood taken, I've probably had a dozen armfuls of blood taken over the years! The test is loosely linked to pcos; to cut a long story short I am a fertility nightmare which is why I'm 34 and still childless. Thou shall not dwell on this.

I have realised that I can walk from the hospital to town via a million charity shops, bonus!!

When I was in my twenties I lived in London on the breadline, so I walked everywhere. I used to get a buzz from beating the bus home just to save a quid, I think I'm getting the same urges back, only this time I'm using it more as a form of exercise. Although the money I saved walking bought my lunch.

there goes my salt intake for the day.

I've made my way into Southampton city centre empty handed. I've been searching all the charity shops for a book. Lovely Bones never fails to show up, sometimes twice on one shelf, and I've never even read it! No I'm looking for a Joanne Harris, I have read most of her books and so has my mum!

Yay in the hundredth shop I found it!! What a cheap buzz! This is a good omen for my shopping today and maybe not for my bank balance. First stop John Lewis perfumery for todays perfume, the cheapest way to smell expensive. I plump for Vivienne Westwood Boudoir as the bottle smells interesting and different.
So now I smell like a cross between rootbeer and an aging goth!
I like to shop on my own when I need something special, I need to go in every shop, you never know. Today I'm looking for a winter coat, because I do need one, but also I'm going to the London wedding by train and want to look smart and warm!

Here is my choice its from zara I'm so excited, I love it, I rarely find something I actually like!
As I've said before I'm not really much of a shopper so I need a bag too for my camera etc.

And here's my bag from accessorize.
I know it seems like I've been spending like there's no tomorrow but it is a wedding in London,(did I mention that already?) I didn't have to buy a new dress and my husband doesn't need to spend a bean, that's my justification!

I'm feeling quite haggered now, maybe that's the perfume, as now I smell like an aging lady!
Can't stop now though I'm on a roll John Lewis here I come. Actually I know what I want in here and they are cheap.

Mugs! They are one pound each Bargain!

Last stop supermarket for dinner, tuna I think. On my bus ride home a young couple sit in front of me and start making out, it was like a sink plunger love affair, please!! This got me thinking about a couple of comments I heard from the youth of today. They made me chuckle so thought I'd share.
The first came from girl/boy (wasn't really sure) who told her friend that someone she new had an asphyxiation on giving flowers. I think she meant a fixation!!
And the second came from a girl who whilst chatting said she was humming and her'ing about something. Again I had to chuckle I think she meant umming and erring!

And the rest of my day is here! Regarding the perfume, the juries out. It seems to change every hour though I am detecting a hint of toilet cleaner!!


Country Bliss said...

I take it you won't be putting that perfume on your xmas list then!
Lovely coat it'll go really well with your shoes.
It must be awful for you having to cope with PCOS, I haven't heard of it before.

Sal said...

You certainly have a lot to cope with...I'd not heard of PCOS, until your blog.
Your blog is lovely..so keep up the good work as I really enjoy reading it. Big hugs ;-)

Simone said...

I loved Joanne Harris 'Blackberry Wine'. I have never thought of going to a charity shop to buy a paperback before. I am so impatient I usually go to a bookshop and pay full whack. I think I will start looking in charity shops now instead. Perfume is strange isn't it? I have never found one that is really me. I hate 'powdery' scents! I prefer fresh and fruity!!!

jennyflowerblue said...

I could have sent you both the Joanne Harris and the perfume from my very own boudoir! (I like the smell but as an aging goth maybe it's no suprise!) Mum finds it hilarious that I mix up emaciation and emancipation-easy done surely....?