Wednesday 17 September 2008

nobody's perfect

Its not just me that's a freak of nature! Not a great year for the sweetcorn then!

hee hee!

And heres my raspberry toffee, I think I may have boiled it for too long, do you think?


ginny said...

bet it's tasty though.
..our blackcurrant jam was made at home, in haste the morning of our camping trip hence it's setting point was not correctly achieved.'s very runny. We have re-named it blackcurrant compote and offer it to guests with vanilla icecream!
love the carrot pic. still need to pick our sweetcorn so i will let you know if we have it's twin.

JuliaB said...

My sweetcorn was like that ... and i picked one in a field, and that was like it to .. yes .. a bad bad year for sweetcorn. Even the pigeons didn't bother with it. xx

Country Bliss said...

At least you have twice as much carrot even if you're a bit short on corn kernals! You must see my potato harvest, I'll do a post Friday!

Kim said...

Hi Clare - new to your blog but love it!!

Raspberry toffee actually sounds good to me!! hee hee