Thursday 11 September 2008


Thanks for your lovely comments, I think I'm feeling better, though I shouldnt really be on here again, as it doesnt help my head! I thought I would shame myself by showing my work room and the mess I get in. This recent mess was made in one afternoon and even now persists. I've recently realised that I'm a bi-polar housewife/gardener/creative, its all or nothing, no offence meant to those who are bi-polar, I do wonder some times if I am!

I think a home and garden say a lot about the person, I know mine do! I need Mary Poppins again!

My husband asked me why the garden was in such a mess, I told him its a wildlife garden. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking with it!


Country Bliss said...

Lol it looks like my house when I have a project on the go, you're lucky to have a workroom though!
Your squash are doing brilliantly my seeds didn't even attempt to grow this year. Hope the heads better now.

Simone said...

I'm an all or nothing person too! I don't think your workroom looks that bad! Creativity is at work!

Sal said...

You should see my chaos!!
I'm back now... and have so much catching up to do in the blogging world!! ;-)