Tuesday 27 May 2008

red and green

So I've started a new quilt/blanket for our van/possibly loft room. The colours are a little unusual for me. Red and green should never be seen without a colour in between!! I think I'll get away with it as there is so much white. The reason for this colour scheme is due to the van being red on the outside with a green interior, not my choice, but seems to work.

As usual with me, I cant do something by the book, I get a whim and just go with it. I don't really know how to piece this 'grandmothers flower garden' together, so far I've tacked paper templates to each hexagon and have a stiff shoulder to prove it!
So here it is, doesn't look like much. I bet I wont being saying that halfway through stitching when I've got sewer's cramp.

My latest aquisitions through the post are a crochet book for the talented, ie: not a beginner!
And of course the 'godmothers' aka Cath Kidston book for lovers of everything vintage.

Wednesday 21 May 2008


my first ever iris

chelsea week

So its Chelsea Flower show this week, I've never been, looks too busy for me, I much prefer Hampton Court. Anyway who needs Chelsea when I have my beautiful 'chelsea' garden! Somedays I really think my garden is amazing and I wish I could share it. In case you are wondering I'm going for the cottage garden look with a twist as I like unusual plants with different textures. I spend a lot of the time thinking about what the next plan is and whether something must go. Its usually instant relief when I remove a plant that has been jarring on me.

This is the sunny side of the garden so its constantly colourful, the border on the right is shady, which is quite calming, though I am trying to bring them both together.
Digital photography does not do my garden justice, ther are so many layers that do not show up on screen.

Salads are growing well, we had quite a few already as well as radishes, which are just yummy! The strawberries are well on their way to being eaten, though maybe not for a few weeks yet. I've not had much luck with my sweetcorn this year, only four seedlings so far, but that may be enough, last year I had about ten plants, the novelty of corn on the cob soon wears off after the tenth night!

Friday 16 May 2008


Another love is beachcombing. If you see me on the beach most likely I will be head down looking for sea glass, old rope, driftwood..

On a visit to Wales last year I found the best chunky length of rope which would have been a great feature in the garden, unfortunately we had only just set out and couldn't possibly have travelled with it in our old camper. Darn it!!

A previous trip to Gower is where I found our bathroom light pull.


A passion (call it obsession if you like) of mine is bargain hunting, generally charity shops (thrift), junk shops, auction sites, car boots...

One of my favourite buys would have to be glass, patterned and blue then all the better!

My latest buy was a nice 'old lady vase' as my husband would say. It was very heavy to carry round the shops, but theres nothing like the buzz of having something that no one else does.
Some of my favourite finds most costing little more than pennies.

Wednesday 14 May 2008


This was my first visit to the Malvern spring fair the first RHS show of the year. The setting is stunning being surrounded by the malvern hills. The show was very down to earth totally unpretentious with friendly generous plant-people.
The showgardens were good though obviously dont have the same backing or money as Chelsea. On arrival we had the good fortune to see Joe Swift from GW filming, I think we ended up on the cutting room floor!
I found this show great as they have different plants and flowers due to the time of year and of course I had to buy!!
Purchases were mainly planned with one or two flights of fancy!

two different geraniums, both purple
clematis nelly moser
liatris-gay feather(had to get it)

things I've done learnt

Over the years I have gathered knowledge on gardening, life, etc; stuff I've worked out for myself and stuff that I heard from somewhere or someone, so this is a section for learning.

Do any major digging in May when birds are needy for worms to feed their young, they will also gobble up any unwanted bugs/slugs. Everyones a winner!

Tuesday 13 May 2008


One of my favourites- aquilegias, just the best spring flower.

feeling hot hot hot

Wow we've had a great week with gorgeous weather enabling my husband to finally get his sailshade project started and finished, well nearly. We were both inspired by the immaculate and modern public places on a trip to Australia, where sail type shades featured everywhere. I predict they will soon be a mainstream product if the summers continue to heat up!

There has been so much activity in the garden I hardly know where to begin. Seems like the father blackbirds have given up on worm hunting now the babies have flown the nest, so it looks like mummy blackbird 'Birdie' has been left with two hungry and very noisy chicks to feed. She is also very fond of grapes, so much so that shes turned into a grape thief!

Veg front: so far we have eaten some lettuce and self sown rocket(tip:don't let rocket go to seed unless you want to be eating it every meal). The potatoes are all growing well and have already been earthed up. I had to cover my sown peas to stop the sparrows (lbj's-little brown jobs) frantically dust-bathing on top of them, little critters! But all is well so far with the peas and the mangetout are steadily climbing on up.

I have been to the Malvern Spring gardening fair! Post to follow....

Thursday 1 May 2008


The Union Jack seems to be in vogue again 'best of Britain' and all that jazz. This Lucinda Chambers cushion was featured in country living, I think I would like something similar for the loft.

apple blossom

Early 'Discovery' apple blossom

rain or shine

I've decided to post a weekly photo of the best area or best plant as they do on Gardeners World, whilst on the subject; no I don't like the new GW music, heavens above I am not a 60 something who enjoys opera or frequents the local church!! Bring back the old music, it was a jolly start to the weekend!!
So whats going on the garden then?? The birch has been in full leaf now for over a week, the early potatoes are pushing through as are the mangetout.
This a raised bed I made last autumn from recycling an old fence. I originally made it for squashes and courgettes, however I seemed to have filled it with salad!
The strawberries are flowering already so it will soon be time to net them to keep off unwanted beaks!
I have made a canny purchase this week. Our patio looks out onto our neighbours huge house so we've been looking for a way of camouflaging it. So I've bought a twisted willow which will be kept in a pot, thanks to Alan Titchmarsh aka God, I cant buy a plant without extra freebies. So my canny buy was a willow with two stems, therefore two plants!!!
I also picked up a bargain clematis in a broken pot. Ville de Lyon is the 'make' and has bright carmine flowers. Roll on summer!!!!