Friday 26 September 2008

in an english country garden

The housework can wait, I'm outdoors today to soak up the sun and do a bit of tidying (if possible!) in the garden. I've been digging out shrubs I don't like and weeding, mainly sat on my derriere, I thought this was a good photo moment with the sunlight!
Over the past week or so I have found another birdie friend. A ROBIN. He's really quite tame already, but still a little tricky to get a good pic, I wish you could have seen me laying on the grass!

So definitely no cats for me, I have been waiting to see a robin in our garden since we moved here 2 years ago. I would love a cat, however I couldn't live with myself if I got one and it brought me mr. robin as a gift.

Since the garden has been cat free it has become a birds paradise. I love to sit and listen to all the different bird calls, not getting to Oddie am I?
So here I sit with the kids (my squashes) I carry them around the garden so they get the best sun to ripen them. I really do wonder what my neighbours think sometimes!


Country Bliss said...

Brilliant photo of Mr Robin, the great thing is once you get one in your garden they usually stay. I usually put cheese and raisins out for them. In our village shop/cafe they have one that goes inside looking for his lunch and they give him a saucer with baked beans on which he loves lol!

JuliaB said...

shhhhh..... it's a secret. I have "maternal" feelings towards my veggies too ... i worry about myself!

Sal said...

We have a garden full of birds of all varieties. It's a joy to watch them.Yesterday we had the Nuthatches in our garden.

This will make me popular...I hate cats!! ;-)
I hate the way that they can roam freely causing havoc on someone else's property.
There, I've said it!! LOL !!
Have a good weekend ;-)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Hope you're not letting the kids get sunburned! ;-)

We have a resident Robin too & he's far too clever to be caught by the cats.