Tuesday 25 May 2010

simple as..

With my new status of girl with works in progress 
I felt I should add another project just to bulk up
said statement.
Another inspired doing.
Thanks to Lucy at Attic 24 for the heads up on a yarn website called Texere 
This yarn is a cotton/acrylic mix and cheap!! 
Which is great when you are wanting to crochet whatever you want, and not worrying about the cost.
This morning I have once more been sat outside doing my thing when I happened to notice how similar the colour of the square I was crocheting was to the thyme flower right next to me.
I ordered all the colours as I didnt want the constraints this time of a scheme
or to have to think about colour choice.
Looking round my garden I do see alot of these colours which is maybe why I like them so.
With red being the odd man out, I dont do red in the garden, but somehow
whether it be patchwork or crochet red seems to tie all the colours together.
 The cold spring has done wonders for the blooms this year.
I have counted 30 flower stems on this one plant.
Note to oneself again (buy more alliums!!!)
The first rose of the year!!
All this sun and activity has gone to my head 
So if you don't mind I will go and take a lie down...

Wednesday 19 May 2010

hello sunshine

Hopefully you are having some sunny moments this week.
This morning after watering the steadily increasing tribe of seedlings 
I have managed to sew in the garden.
Alas it's a tad cloudy now, so I have come in to show you what I have been up to.
(I have succomb to the life of a works in progress girl)

This design is a spin on my previous patchworkings, 
and was actually inspired by a bloggers Mum/Mum in law who was sewing a 
very beautiful quilt of this design.
(I have a feeling she was from over seas)
So If you recognise yourself then thankyou for the inspiration.

I am going to try and keep this as an enjoyable project that I make over many months, 
I get all too easily enveloped into finishing a project and not properly enjoying the journey!

I am however in love with this new colourful patchyness....

note: I have found the inspiration it was 
red pepper quilts
Visit this website if you dare the beauty and the fabrics might make you cry

Monday 17 May 2010

just because..

...I rediscovered my cameras macro zoom!!

Friday 14 May 2010

friday worms

If you have a few hours  to spare then hop on over to Tagxedo and indulge!!!

Monday 10 May 2010

why I love May

Today I can say I love May for the sun has shone for at least part of the day.
Spring is my favourite season.
Everything is fresh and new.
I put this box up with the hope of attracting some robins, 
but within minutes there were bluetits showing interest.
No nests as yet, but maybe next year!
These are purple/blue lupins.
If you want to have a go at growing something I suggest start with a lupin.
They germinate fast and have the cutest baby leaves.
(I have seen one lupin plant wrapped in paper in a posh flower shop priced at £12.95!!!)
These seeds cost about £2.00 and I have 15 plants, you do the math!
So far the veg patch has been slow to get going this year,
I can however see the benefits of raised beds.
The soil warms up much quicker, which is ideal when the days are so grey and chilly.
Above I have pak choi, swiss chard, and cos lettuce.
You will notice I have netting covering them, this protects the little seedlings from birds.
I seem to have vegetarian sparrows in my garden!
(actually they live in my house along with the starlings who nest right above where I am sat, 
very sweet they are too tweeting away up there)
Another new addition this year is a sturdy frame to protect strawberries from the birds 
and then later on to protect brassicas.
Kindly built by Mr Fete.
More gratuitous tulip snaps.
When they're gone they're, so enjoy them now!
Another dark beauty is this geranium phaeum samobor.
It has lovely two-toned leaves and very dark plum turned back flowers.
I love discovering new things in the garden, and this was todays!
More of the lovely camassias and tulips!

With all that fresh and newness going on outside, it only seemed right to start afresh inside!
Oh lordy! Stripping floorboards is not for the faint-hearted.
How can one room mess up the whole of ones house!!

Tuesday 4 May 2010


On Saturday I finally made it to
a handmade and vintage fair.
This was the much talked about fair at Chipping Sodbury.
In the excitement,  a belly full of cake   and a head full of lavender
I took some dull photos not worthy of posting.
You just have to use your imagination, which should include.
fabric,cakes,(obviously the two most important) necklaces, baskets, tins, dresses, china,
haberdashery, books.....
Above is the best photo and not the least bit dull.
For this was my blog-friend Sals colourful table.
Actually truth be told Sal was a big reason for going to the fair.
I wanted to meet the lady that inspires me so, and to purchase some of her vintage fabrics.
Thanks Sal!
Another purchase was this patchwork bag from
(can you see the theme for this post) 
Later seen parading about in Bath!
50 pence bargain of the day.
I can never resist a good rummage box!
Thankyou Jayne and Michele and all for making such a lovely day.
I can only imagine all the work that goes into it!

Last week I posted my give-aways off to Sal and Diane.
I made some patchwork notebook covers, something which I have never done before.
I do like making things for someone special.
  It was my patchwork versus crochet theme.
I am still a novice to the eye of a skilled crocheter.
I just like how you start with a ball of thread and create something new!
fiddly diddly.
( I made this heart for Diane at heart shaped and in return she kindly sent me some lovely chocolates
and a Rob Ryan card, which I shall show later. Thankyou Diane!)
So now with the gifts finished I have my hands back to myself and time I got on with making some stock for my shop which I have yet to open!
I've made a start on this patchwork piece.
I'm calling it 'cottage garden' due to the randomness of the colours.

Did someone mention garden?
Here are the latest blooms.
These lovely lilac flowers are camassias.
I have fallen totally in love..