Thursday 25 February 2010

an apple a day...

I confess...I have not been eating an apple a day, 
so now I'm suffering the consequences with a horrible horrible ear infection.
Whats worse is that I cant even snuggle under my new blanket, as any kind of heat brings on an almost unbearable coughing fit!
Is that enough self pity?

I would just like to thankyou all for your lovely comments regarding my blanket, they really cheered me!

Hopefully  if  when I recover I can get back to creating and share the many projects I have on the go!

Monday 15 February 2010

my first granny blanket reveal

Good morning all!
Well here she is..
in all her splendid granny glory!
 I did actually finish last weekend, but as we all know 
grey days mean gloomy snaps!
 I was (and still am) unsure of my colour combination,
I guess that's the whole point of your first project,
to learn from your mistakes (and there are a few!)
I like this combination however..
 Having not blocked(pinned and dampened, to evenly shape the blanket) the squares individually,
I had to improvise with a sofa cushion and a towel.
Worked a treat, and what a difference!
 More gratuitous crochet snaps warning!
 Whilst I'm  harping on about my newly found obsession,
I feel as a crochet disciple I must pass on the wisdom of the hook!!
And I already have two followers!!
A few weeks back I met up with a fellow blogger  Lisa some of you may know her from 

It was a first for both of us.
I think we hit it off straight away, which is strangely random,
to be chatting away to someone you dont know, but you do actually know so much about them!?!
 To cut a long story short we had a lovely couple of hours trying to synchronize our crochet skills whilst drinking lots of tea.
I think the tea drinking was a little more sucsessful, so another meet up is on the cards for sure!
Hopefully I havent bored you  I have inspired you to take up the hook,
if not, then follow my journey into the crochet world....
.....I need more wool (she cries in despair!)

Monday 8 February 2010

colour therapy

I don't know about you but I have had about enough of grey days!
By this I mean the neutral colour palette that was the 'noughties'.
I have always been a lover of colour and now its back in my life for good!
Remember my marvelous parcel post?
It has filled me with such inspiration, the patchwork is my hommage to the vintage pieces 
(which I am treasuring for now)
Poole pottery. Love it!
sometimes the best colour combinations come from whats left over!

 others are subtle..

 many are useful..

and sometimes a bit special!!

How will you make a change in your home?
Vive la difference!

Monday 1 February 2010

snowy borders

*the more she sews 
tiddly pom
the more it grows
tiddly pom
the more it goes
tiddly pom

*the tiddly pom song ever so slightly adapted, courtesy of AA Milne