Friday 27 February 2009

Mary mary!!

I have been a tad bored this week, you see Mr Fete has been away snowboarding, so what could possibly cheer me up?? A bucket load of pressies courtesy of
Mary Poppins!!

As I raced to open everything, I was bowled over by her generosity, especially as she has taken a break from blogging. I feel that Mary has a great intuition, she picked out things that are really me. There was a sweet home made card too.

A really cute pillow made from CK fabric with a hand stitched C and some lovely ric-rac velvet ribbon. This is hanging on my workroom door handle.

Aside from fabrics I don't actually own any Cath Kidston goods.

I do now!! (displayed in a thrifty find)

I am now the proud owner of a much coveted tesco bag.

As you can see from first pictures I got a whole lot more too, including chocolates and love hearts, some great dusters which is just me as I never seem to have a clean one. Also a lovely rose smelling cushion, a note pad which I shall use in the garden, a shopping bag and a polka dot wash bag! Thank you Mary you have made my week!


Thursday 26 February 2009

the eyes have it

I've always been fascinated with photography in much the same way as eyes. I know how they both work yet I'm still in awe of the science.

I poked my eye with my finger quite hard yesterday; it wasn't deliberate I was batting a fly away and there you go. I was just getting on a train too,
so I looked like some sad girl crying on the train!
I really felt like I'd gouged my eye out, this morning it is sore and feels gritty,
however I've still managed to blog about it.
No sewing or gardening today.

It scares me to think about all my favourite past times, patchwork, gardening and blogging,
all would be impossible without my sight.

Anyway my point is: Don't take your eyes for granted, and don't poke them!

Friday 20 February 2009

friday roundup

This week I made some bunting for the first time. It was refreshingly simple to make and came together well. I actually have it at my work room window but I cant take a good photo because of the light.

I've also been hoarding more fabrics again for the quilt. Its not exactly how I imagined it would turn out, but that's the beauty of handmade quilts I suppose. The main reason for the unusual colour combinations is down to buying fabrics online, as they are not always what you expect, but I think it will be ok. I am trying to use a different fabric for each star, more stripes and plains needed now I think.

Have a great weekend whatever the weather!!

Monday 16 February 2009

love is for life not just for valentines

We are not big on the V day here, however I did find this by my bedside which had us in stitches.

Who needs Sawyer(lost) when I have this hunk in my bed!!

I did cook dinner however and I made profiteroles for the first time, sorry no pictures we ate them all.

We had a very romantic trip to the nursery to pick out our seed potatoes!
And a pot of iris's for me

A new years resolution I made last year and now this year was to find some decent pub grub.
The first we have found is 'The Hobler' on the Southampton road between Lyndhurst and Lymington. If you are on your way to Lymington and fancy a bite I highly recommend this pub, the food is your regular pub grub menu, but everything is yummy and the staff are really friendly.

Thursday 12 February 2009

dont believe the hype

Humorous Ikea joke goes here...

Ikea opened a new store in Southampton today, and as I was in town I thought I'd pop in.
The first time I went to Ikea was over 10 years ago, so I know the in-store protocol, however they had us chasing around the car park in a queue which was quite humorous. I think actually I spent more time queuing than I did in the store, and I only queued for 15 minutes or so.!
As for freebies the only thing I got was a bite size dime bar sweet, (remember Dime bars? Are they still around?). They had advertised that you could spin a wheel at your checkout and win your shopping, yet at noon they announced their first winner, not good odds then!!

Ok so I'm giving Ikea a bad time, it is great for first time buyers and the odd bargain, and as I look around we probably have something from Ikea in every room; I just want a bit more excitement and individuality when I shop.

Nobody else went home with this pretty today!

Monday 9 February 2009

this weeks love

I shall work backwards as to what I've been up to, as its nice to start with a sunny outlook.
With urge to change our surroundings for the day we went a roaming and ended up in Brighton.
(apologies Sarah for not popping in, it was a spur of the moment thing)

It was a glorious day!

We had a bit of a wander through the lanes, but to be honest, I feel we have outgrown a lot of the shops especially as the only thing I purchased was some fabric from a charity shop!

I couldn't pass it by. It was £2 for a good double width generous 3 metres!
Its rare these days to find such a huge piece of vintage!

I also had a great purchase from a brilliant junk shop in Lymington.
Everything is piled high with 20p/50p price tags.

So when I spotted this stripey 50p affair I snapped it up, with thoughts of patchwork.
However after I had washed it. I found it to be a double flat sheet in good condition.

I shall hang to both for now and resist the urge to cut!

Please can you tell me if you have good day/bad day on the crafting front?
One of these pillows was naughty!
I had a really good day after making the first one, I felt quite chuffed, then came the evil next day, where all that was good turned bad!

How to make a pillow when you have no zips and haven't worked out how to make a button hole!

I persevered...

Wednesday 4 February 2009

the quilt

Its February already!
My new year creativeness has turned into a bit of a fabric hunting obsession for my quilt.
I have resorted to scouring ebay which can be a little frustrating and sometimes the fabric is not what you expect.
I do love the print below its a Liberty piece called Geralds circles.
The quality of this fabric is crazy, its almost like silk, which makes the piecing of the patchwork quite crisp, if not a little slippy!

This is another Liberty print, that I'm not so sure I like, I guess I could always sell it back!
Its the strawberry thief print.

This is a bigger piece, I thought I might make some cushions to go on the bed.
I love the way you can make patterns depending on how you cut the fabric.

I have just bought another fabric and I'm bidding on more, its quite tricky to know if they will all go together, but I guess that's the beauty of patchwork.

Here it is so far. Its not the final arrangement. I need some paler fabrics.
I have however tacked all the white hexagons to their templates so they are good to go!

To round off this morning/afternoon (whoops),
I have won Marys giveaway!!!!

Thankyou !!

Monday 2 February 2009


too beautiful for words....