Tuesday 21 December 2010


At the weekend I gave Mr gingerbread man my camera
and this is what he found..
Firstly plenty of snow in the garden..
..and lush blue skies
lots of goldfinch eating aromatic seeds 
such as lavender, lemon balm and agastache!
snow covered roads that look like 
a step back in time..
pretty new forest ponies
 winter wonderlands
and woolly sheep!
but best of all
home sweet home
with his buddies on the tree
where its very much warmer!
 Now I really should go as I'm still making my Mum her Christmas present!!
Have a fantastic Christmas everyone!
especially Diane at Heart Shaped 
who sent me a lovely card and this very sweet heart decoration
thank you Diane I love it!

See you all in the new year and...

Monday 13 December 2010

are you fussy?

Well it seems that I am and I didn't even know!
After seeing the beautiful finished quilt on red pepper quilts
I thought I'd do a bit of stitching on mine.
Back to the fussy stuff,
and by fussy I don't mean fussy eaters.
I cannot abide fussy eaters!
(especially as I have become one of late
and I'm not happy with myself!)
I recently discovered that
fussy cutting is a term used in the
patchwork world for deliberately cutting the fabric 
in such a way as to create a new pattern when stitched together.

Who knew right?
And all this time Ive been blissfully cutting away, 
without the knowledge of just how fussy I was being!

 Even  here on the stars and stripes quilt 
which I made last year.
I cant get over how very un-similar they are!
How tastes change.
Some of my recent colour combinations
scare me!!

Thursday 9 December 2010

bertie and some crochet

 Okay before I get on with the crochet-fest,
I would like to thank my steadfast blog friends for
 sticking by me even when I don't post for a month.
Thank you all for your kind comments and best wishes, 
I really do appreciate your support.
I do my best to leave comments, 
but if I don't you can rest assured that I have read all your blogs!
I don't want to be one of those 'all about me bloggers'.

So on that note I'm going to show you what 'I' (er-hem)
have been up to whilst house-bound.
It's nearly a year since I learnt to crochet, 
it's crazy to think that this time last year I lived a
no yarn life.
I thought I would share my crochet books.
Remember I made Raymond in the summer?
Well this is the book I got the pattern from.
It has some crazy animals to make, 
but really I just wanted some inspiration,
so I've only made bears so far..
So this is Bertie a special order for my godmother.
I made him using the kool kotton I got from Texere
I think it's perfect for these toys and I love the colours too.
I think I shall definitely be ordering more.
Got any old Christmas cards?
I got this idea from creative Jewish mom
makes a change to my usual bauble

Simply punch holes around the card and granny stitch away!
This book is my crochet bible.
I would definitely recommend it if you want to learn to crochet.
It teaches you the basics as well as ripples, grannies, 
all the skills you need to make what you have seen in blogland.

Oh dear I started this with the rest of the Kotton,
now I'm not sure what to do with it?
Either a cushion or a giant blanket, 
it remains like this for now with no more yarn!

Okay this is my last book,
which includes this star pattern.

It has some really nice doilies and a nice alphabet.

It also has some crazily intricate ones, which I will probably never do!

This last one is my attempt to recreate a decoration 
that I saw somewhere in blogland.
Its really just a basic granny pentagon 
with points like the above star...
not sure I'm cut out for making things work!

Sorry for the lack of content of late,
I really haven't been anywhere,
 unless you count my adventures in blogland.

I hope I start feeling christmassy soon!!

edited to add
a must see hand pieced hexagon patchwork
over at red pepper quilts
its the one I am trying to emulate!
Lynne I think you will love it.
It's too wonderful for words!
Go visit you wont regret it!

Monday 6 December 2010

8 years

1 year since my first craft fair.
2 years since my lovely grandma passed.
3 years since I started this blog.
4 years since I grew my first vegetable.
5 years since we discovered this house.
6 years since we travelled the world.
7 years since my dream of making stuff to sell.
8 years since we began trying for a family........