Friday 26 March 2010

the fabric monster and a sneak peek

Not content with just messing up my sewing room...
I seem to be once again taking over the house, though in all fairness it is the fabrics fault really
isn't it??
This thirfted tray is my new best friend, she sits with me on the sofa.
Gradually filling up with each new project started!
For a while I became an ebay monster, it's all to easy clicking that commit to buy key,
mind you, I lose more than I win.
(which can only be a good thing in the old mans eyes!)
Yesterday I had three bundles squeezed through the door, every time I went to pick one up another was pushed through.
Humourous yet thrilling!
Two are above and one below.
This is the first sneak peek for Sal my giveaway winner.
After being inspired by her love of American antique feedsacks I had to get me some.
(a brilliant history of feedsacks can be found on Sals blog)
This one did come from the USA, 
something thats not for the faint hearted and something I wont be doing too often!
Now give me the courage to cut!
My second sneak peek is for Diane.
Not sure what it's going to be.
Hope you like?.....

Have a great weekend once more bloggers!!

Monday 22 March 2010


Its a lovely sunny morning here in the south.
I hope you all had a slice of sun at the weekend?
Last night I wrote down lots of lovely bloggers names and popped them in a tin.
33 entries~ my favourite number!
So this morning with no pomp or ceremony I casually dipped my hand in and picked out a name.
Diane at heart shaped!!
I gave a choice of patchwork or crochet.
Diane liked both!
Diane I really don't have any idea what to make! 
If there is anything you like in particular/colourwise/style let me know.
I said winners didn't I?
As it was my 2nd year anniversary, I feel it's my prerogative to choose a winner for personal reasons.
This lady discovered me and my blog back when I was billy no mates!
She constantly inspires and encourages me.
Hopefully she knows who she is?

Thursday 18 March 2010


So I've started my next patchwork project.
Another stars and hexagon bed runner.
I have been assembling vintage fabrics from 
here there and everywhere!

Completely unaware of the spring like palette!
I'm not in the habit of naming inanimate objects 
so we will let this one slip.
Crocus it is.

Please dont forget to enter my giveaway below
Seems like patchwork is winning so far!
I shall pick a winner on monday

Tuesday 16 March 2010

now we are two giveaway

two years..
two loves..

You have seen glimpses of my life here on my blog
The good the bad and the ugly!

Thankyou for those who have stuck by me
(you know who you are)
I have truly appreciated every single comment.

So here's your chance to get a slice of my life
Simply reply
crochet or patchwork

**giveaway item is yet to be made**
inspire me to create something new!

Monday 8 March 2010

dare to be different!

Before I continue...I must say I am feeling much better!
After two weeks of moping and generally being un-creative,
I think (eh hem) I have bounced back...
....10 stripes down so far...
Once again I have the madness of the hook!
Ever since I learnt to crochet I've been lusting after
'the ripple'
(I'm loving how the two crochet blankets have a similar tone, not intentional)
This being only my second crochet project I was keen to try something different.
My chosen yarn is rowan felted tweed aran, I wanted something with texture and boy it has bucket loads!
Its a mix of merino wool, alpaca and viscose, and I'm using a 5mm hook, 
which means this is going to be one totally chunky and very toastie blanket!
The colour choice was pretty limited, but actually goes with my kind of style, 
and as I walk round the house trying to find the best light I am amazed how many rooms it could fit into.
You see I'm really not a Cath Kidston advocate,
dont get me wrong,
I do love 'the look' (and the fabric). 
I do like the trend for bright colours too.
  But deep down however I know what I like and what I will still like in 10 years time.
(I had a fluffy cushion when they were all the rage!)
Whilst we are on the subject of colour....
we recently had our wooden sash (double glazed!!) windows fitted.
Gotta love the sash!
Guess who gets to paint them??
Great fun!
Anyway it's time for a change. We have lived in this house for four years and the only thing in the bedroom we changed were the curtains. So its quite exciting!
Do you like our choice of ladies foundation testers! (all skins catered for!)
We are going for the bottom one which is called maplewood mmmmm....maple syrup....
 Remember my star quilt that I made this time last year?
Its had a fair bit of use this winter, so I'm hoping to make more to sell some day,
only wish the piecing wasn't so time consuming!
Now I have the two together I can see similar colour choices emerging!
ps. did anyone see Emmas crochet scarf in Larkrise?

Monday 1 March 2010

back to life

.....(writing a blog post whilst listening to soul II soul back to life is tricky
especially as I'm trying to sing along in my still husky voice!)

Oh no now its black box ride on time!
Shall I ever get through this post!
**(explanation for theses tunes)**

Thankyou for all your well wishes
I wish I could say I was 100% better...
I seem to have lots of projects on the go all waiting to be finished for various reasons.
Anyone else still making christmas decorations?
These babes are awaiting their ribbon adornments to be bought, before I can stuff and sew..

A patchwork crochet roll (using some of the fabric I won from Sal)
Waiting to be sewn up...not going to happen until my machine is repaired :(

Crochet snowflakes waiting to be blocked and starched
(no excuses there really)

The beginnings of a patchwork bed runner similar to this one
but a different colourway....fabric of which is still in the shops!

Sneak peek of something to giveaway soon.... 
Now something for the 'addicted to fabric ladies' 
I found these barkcloth curtains in a charity shop
I love their faded charm, 
I'm hoping my husband won't notice if I hang them on the backdoor to our kitchen!

Lastly my swag back which I have received with much delight from my lovely mother in law.
Why do I get so excited over a bag of  old linen?...

Now all I need is a sunny spring day to have a good old-fashioned wash day...

** oops nearly forgot to explain the music choices.
bored after two weeks of daytime tv I tried out spotify which is an online music radio thingy where you can choose what you listen to and make playlists.
So I am making 'the tracks of my years' (not necessary great songs),
but songs that are memorable in my life for one reason or another

currently playing....Dr feelgood Motley Crue (dont ask!!)