Friday 23 October 2009

back to barcelona

We did indeed have a great time in Barcelona
(the real city that never sleeps!)
I could write many, many posts, but this for now is JUST our accommodation!!
After many hours scouring the web I came upon this authentic Catalan style apartment,
in the sant paul/born area
It did not disappoint.

Dried lavender

As we stepped in the door I felt my blog heart skip a huge beat!!
It was lovely lovely lovely!

Even had a cuckoo clock!

And an awesome view which is rare in Barcelona.

Lots of stripped wood!
A barking dog!
And musicians of the stringed nature.

The boudoir.

The bedroom was quite romantic, even though the mattress was lumpy and the frame squeaked a bit!
(er hum)

I could do a post on just the lovely light fittings alone.
The owner was French and it shows.
Let me at those Parisian flea markets!


Love those wooden shutters

By far my favourite room was the beautiful bathroom, and this wasn't even featured on their website!

Another gorgeous light



On my travels I've been fortunate to stay in some wonderfully decorated rooms.
It definitely makes me want to replicate the special ones, and this is.
You can keep your plain old boring limestone minimalist style.
I want pattern baby!!

I shall leave you with all its splendid glory.
Definitely worth a visit especially if you only live four hours away ; D

Barcelona to be continued...

Friday 16 October 2009