Saturday 31 December 2011

forward thinking

quilt featured: rose & star

I'm not big on look backs...
...if pushed I would say
the highlight* of my 2011 was inspiring a colourful swathe of paper piecers
with my 'summer of love' quilt.
I think I've flogged it enough here there and everywhere,
so here's a snap of whats to come
in 2012.
Get ready with your scrap bags to join my rose star block party!
tutorial to follow. 

*ps. finding Molly Flanders and Anthropologie 
come a close second and third!


Friday 23 December 2011

To all my beloved friends old and new.
Enjoy the festivities!
See you next year....

...with a star and rose paper piecing tutorial...
...and maybe a quilt-a-long...
anyone interested???

Sunday 18 December 2011

so here it is...MARY Christmas

 After a number of months of secret squirrelling 
I can now do the reveal.
 Mary (Molly Flanders)has received my parcel now, so I can show you what 
an unbelievably beautiful quilt she has made me.
 We decided to have a little swap as we both admire each others work.
The idea was to make a mini quilt...
though Mary got a bit carried away with hers!
I don't know what I've done to deserve this,
it's really humbled me;
has all this generosity from across the pond.
Mary is well known for her gorgeous hand quilting.
I now know how amazing it is.
Just look how it transforms her quilt.
 I also received the lovely C from 'our' 
favourite shop Anthropologie!!
And a cute hankie Mary bought from an Amish store.
 C is for Clare or C is for Christmas?
 Thankfully it's been a crisp but sunny day,
so you can see how beautiful the colours are.
It's so me!
 You are my sunshine 
my only sunshine...
Thankyou Mary for your generous gifts and your wonderful friendship.
Please pop over to Marys place...
make sure you have plenty of time though 
because you will be there some time!
 Here is the mini quilt I sent Mary.
Fabric wise it's a close relative to the summer of love quilt,
which Mary loved so much.
Though I've used a mix of vintage and modern to keep it up to date.
I pieced it by hand using the English paper method.
The pattern is called rose star,
I shall write an in depth post in the new year,
as well as a tutorial.
 I also sent some goodies.
A gingerbread lady and a homemade layer cake.
So here it is merry Christmas
Everybody's having fun
Look to the future now
It's only just begun....

*lyrics courtesy of Slade!

Friday 16 December 2011

joy to the world

 I couldn't very well leave you with the creepy Christmas!
This year we have bought an artificial tree*.
After a couple of years of real Christmas tree allergies,
we have succumbed.
I do love a real tree...
...however I'm really loving the flexibility of our new one.
That and the fact that it doesn't need watering!!

 I have quite an eclectic mix of decorations..
maybe a little on the crazy side, 
and ever so slightly reminding me of ELF.
(which I watched yesterday whilst teaching Karen to crochet)
There is still plenty of tweaking time and I'm off to 
Winchester Christmas market today,
so there may well be more decs to come...
...I'm thinking something santa-ish.

*Christmas tree john lewis

Wednesday 14 December 2011

creepy christmas

Apologies for the creepy post.
You see every year I hand make something for my friends children.
With my shoulder issues I wasn't sure I would make anything.
But I got an email from her saying how much they look forward to my parcel every year!
 Why the day of the dead?
Well on a visit this year I discovered that the sweet hello kitty loving kids have 
progressed to a more ghoulish taste.
I just hope they don't give them nightmares!

*day of the dead inspiration courtesy of Mexico
bowl anthropologie!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 13 December 2011

glad tidings

 There are many weeks throughout the year that slip pass unnoticed..
 then sometimes a week occurs like no other..
 These adorable pottery ornaments are from
Cathy at Potter Jotter
whose giveaway I was so fortunate to win.
thankyou Cathy, I shall have fun playing about with them.
 This little notebook is a very special gift.
My friend Karen of 20 years gave me this little book last week.
It will be a book of special memories 
the first will be to Muffin the fluffmeister
Karens cat who passed last week.
 Next to arrive my secret squirrel parcel.
 Which contained such delights I cannot put it into words.
I do know that I was heard to say
Oh my god a number of times.
I shall tease you with this snippet for now...
I can also reveal that one of the lovely packages contained this lovely C.
It's from Anthropologie in inspiring shop.
 And yes last week I also took a trip to the capital
and discovered their London store on Regent Street...
....and I quite agree Mary it is a little piece of heaven...

Wednesday 7 December 2011

itty bitty crochet star tutorial

 I am a firm believer that if I can think up a crochet pattern,
especially one so easy,
then probably somebody else has too.
I don't believe that simple crochet patterns belong to anyone.
 This is my first ever crochet diagram.
Isn't it pretty!
 It's pretty self explanatory really if you already crochet.
 I used some kool cotton from my stash.
to begin
(I'm using uk terms)
chain 5, slip stitch into the first chain to create a ring.
{1 dc, 1tr, 3ch, 1tr into the ring} repeat 4 more times
finish with a slip stitch into the first dc.

With a darning needle weave in the ends.
To produce a pointy star, 
pin each 3chain point to a folded towel/old cushion
and spray with water and leave to dry.
For a stiffer star I like to use spray starch,
found in the laundry section.
And there you have it.
I strung mine on a piece of twine,
but you could hang each one individually..
..or make pretty parcels like below!
In answer to Deborahs question 
I used a 4mm hook :0)
Why not try my recycled christmas cards tutorial in my side bar,
any card will do!

Tuesday 6 December 2011

secret santa

 ..have yourself a mary little christmas..

itty bitty stars tutorial to follow!
paper from whsmiths

Friday 2 December 2011

shelf life

I wasn't going to post today, 
but I wanted to let you know that after resting and not sewing
my shoulder is feeling a lot better.
Although I'm still taking things easy,
typing doesn't help!
 I have found that things get attracted to hooks.. does that happen?
 The 'shepton mallet' shelf has added a new
and ever changing creative dimension 
to what was a bare and bumpy wall.
I have finally given up finished decorating the hallway
(all three levels!)
The colour battleship grey misted hills from dulux, other paints are available.
 This photo is our old house and the lady was Mr Fetes Great Grandmother plus dog.
Have a lovely weekend and wrap up warm it's getting colder at last?