Sunday 14 September 2008

new beginnings

I like Toby Buckland!. He is the new presenter on Gardeners World. I must confess to not being a Monty fan, sorry Monty. So it came as cleansing surprise to have someone with fresh ideas and someone who's not afraid to dig up plants and move them!! ala Clare.

So here are my onions drying, not a bad crop grown from seed but not great. I should say that I haven't bought any potatoes, onions or carrots for a couple of months now, and I'm picking raspberries everyday and have a tub full in the freezer. I'm also eating tomatoes with the speckles and the splitting. My favourite way of eating tomatoes is to chop them and roast them with oil and balsamic, great with a jacket potato and cheese mmm....

Whilst I'm on bulbs, I've bought some camassia!! These were on my most wanted list so not just a random buy, I got two packs (isn't he a rapper), I think I'll hold off planting yet because the ground is so wet and we're clay here.

Eek when did they turn up??


JuliaB said...

We like him too! Yes, better than Monty - a bit more earthy. Mr M has been saying alllllll weekend (and driving me insane), "just tickling the soil" .. lordy! xx

this is my patch said...

I was impressed with Toby Buckland's confidence when taking over the helm at Berryfields. I did like Monty Don! but the show has to go on, and new blood injects new ideas into the programme. x