Thursday 30 September 2010

name the day

Can you see me through the misty murkiness that is
this morning?
Actually the sun is just breaking over my shoulder, 
could be a grass cutting day!

What is it about a newly stacked stash that puts you off touching it?
I must admit to a little fabric infused madness
this year.
(there's a name for a blog right there!)
Its very eclectic, this stash.
Now I have a machine I really have no excuses do I?
For a very long time now I've wanted to open a shop, 
I'm getting close I've even got a new name
 a place to keep the creative ideas that pop up.
(and a play on words link to the garden)
Choosing a name is hard isn't it?
Generally all the good ones are taken 
or just don't read well.
My first choice was
a stitch in twine
but when joined together I couldn't stop reading
as(ass) tit chin twine
You see the issue.
I do like summerfete, it just doesn't work all year round. 
eg at Christmas its a little odd to be calling yourself summerfete.
 So when I finally get a shop running I will be known as
What do you think?

Monday 27 September 2010

just my cup of tea

Good morning readers!
The fluffy slippers are out.
Beef stew and dumplings are on the menu.
Winter coats have had their first outing!
There's only one thing to do?
Snuggle under a warm blankie with a magazine that's 
just my cup of tea!

Sunday 26 September 2010

pigs in pannage

A tell-tale sign that Autumn has begun
is the appearance of pigs roaming free in the forest!

 Pannage is the term used for just this occasion and dates way back to the Domesday book.
It is a commoners*right
  to graze their pigs donkeys and whatnot in the wild.
*someone who lives within the new forest,
that's not everyone however, that would be silly!

The pigs scoff up all the acorns which has two benefits.
1. free pig fattening fodder
2. prevents ponies from eating the acorns which are poisonous to them.

We have seen them now for four years without fail.
They do fascinate me so!!

Monday 20 September 2010

Shepton antiques fair

Knowing how much you all enjoyed tales from my French trip, 
I give you the best of British, drum roll please!
Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair!

Spurred on with enthusiasm from our French flea market experience;
the same team with the addition of Mr Fete, were let loose amongst the unsuspecting dealers!
Having never been before we were all pleasantly surprised at how varied and hoooge it was.
Loved the vintage patchwork thing up there.
And of course lots of eye candy! 
With over 600 stalls there really is something for everyone, if your that way inclined.
When you go to a big antiques fair what do you expect to see?
Bargain Hunt of course!
After just one hour of perusing I can well understand how hard it is to find such bargains!
On the whole I would love to go again,
it's just so interesting to see items in the flesh and get immersed in the strange world of
the British 
wheeler dealers, hustlers and magpies!!
(the majority being the latter)
Me being one too, magpie that is, I couldnt come away hands free.
Being a Poole pottery fan I found this sweet jug*
From the 50s, it wasnt a bargain but I liked the delicateness of painting, 
unlike the usual heavy painted pieces.
And a project for me.
I've been looking for a stool to make the doggy needlepoint tapestry pattern
that I fell in love with at Rumwell Park
Anyone have any knowledge on needlepoint?
Can I use normal wool, or is it really necessary to buy special tapestry wool?

I can highly recommend a visit to one of the fairs
especially if you have something in particular that you cant find elsewhere.

My sister- in- law once told me that she had a bit of a jug fetish...
..I think its rubbed off on me, as I do seem to have quite a few around the house.
I shall write a special post soon 
'ode to the jug'

Thursday 16 September 2010

spanky new machine

Yay I am perkier now!
Indeed my delivery was not a patchwork cushion,
but a spanky new machine.

Here she is.
I have never had a new machine; always a hand-me-down, two of which I still have.
The projects that needed sewing were stacking up, 
and there is only so many times you can borrow your Mums machine!
After a sweaty hour in sewing world and a lot of umming and rubbing of chin, 
I decided upon this Janome qxl605.
It was a total minefield for me really, 
but thankfully the lovely assistant Debbie was a star, which was so helpful.
To the amazement of my husband I didnt even switch the machine on yesterday!
Such was the daunting feeling I had about the
computery bit.
No worries! Everything has worked a treat.  
The best button so far snips the threads after finishing.
As usual always jumping in with both feet,
I finally made up one of the vintage patchwork cushions,
I'm chuffed once more.
It's backed with plain cream, which sets off the patchwork just lovely.
I even managed to follow the instructions for fitting a zip.
A bit tricky, but once understood not too taxing.
Next time I shall reverse it so the flap is lying the opposite way, 
I'm still learning the ways of this new toy.
So there we are...
life might not always seem peachy to me..
but there are glimpses of genius!


ps. thankyou to my sweet mother in law,
for without her kind gift this post would still be a dream!

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Oh happy day

its here!
Right I'm off to bake some banana bread..
(no it is not a bread-making machine!!)
...need the sustinance to read..

Tuesday 14 September 2010


Good afternoon...I'm having one of those days.
Call it a crisis in confidence, or a lack of identity, I'm not sure?
I do find my moods are  linked with the weather.
And its a pretty drab kind of day here.

..tomorrow I shall be fingers crossed much perkier,
for I am expecting a delivery, (not the stork type)

So I'm going to sit here for a bit and watch the birds, if you dont mind...

Monday 13 September 2010

show and tell

Oh my gosh!
Just had to share... find of the year.
I've just hung it out..and look how big.
Its all hand-stitched too!
how easy it would have been on a machine.

I think this was a case of 'the early bird catching the worm'
I know how very lucky I was..
...awesome price of £6 wasn't bad either considering I was in Romsey.

me - chuffed as nuts!

Sunday 12 September 2010

the french way

Apologies for failure to complete the 'french week'
on friday.
 Consumption of varied yet delicious cocktails
thursday night,
reduced me to my teenage self!
I'll never drink again!
not expressed aloud, 
however my sore head was indeed 
thinking it!

Lets continue then with the 
'everything else' post.
 Halfway up the steep cobbled street in Dinan
(not best in flip flops, but do-able)
you will find a quirky little shop, which for all the world looks set up for blogworld.

 I had to stop myself from gushing to the shop keeper on the virtues of blogging!
Stepping inside however was a mix of
awe and the feeling of 
'oh its one of those shops where I just like to look but never buy'
Dont get me wrong it was quite wonderous,
just not sure what I would do with more buttons and thread? 
The above picture is a good representation of what lined the walls,
I just couldnt help wondering if she ever sold anything!!
update* If you want to see just what I mean there is a great write up 
from nostalgia at the stone house (thanks Floss)

All that was missing was a monkey!
How very French!!

Couldnt resist taking a pic of a French allotment
Would love to know what they grow?
(bet Floss could tell me!)

 Le chat

Cycling on glorious empty roads...

...and beaches!

Curious rock formations!

Humourous pizza boxes!

Huge list of crepes in Pont Aven.

Salade du soleil
Hands down the best salad I have ever eaten!!!!

The last picture I took was above a campsite sink.
A great way to end a superb holiday!
'washing of shellfish is forbidden'

Before I close this week in France I asked you what was special to me about the pic below?

not guessed?

I have always taken pride that for all my 36 years on this good earth
That 1.
I have no fillings
and 2
I've never fallen off my bike proper.

Needless to say the latter no longer exhists.
And I couldnt have picked a prettier spot heh?
After the horrible realisation had passed I felt a certain acomplishment,
and went on to take quite detailed photos of the exact spot that shall always be a fond memory of our trip to Brittany.

ps. hope you have enjoyed my holiday snaps, we will def be returning, as I hope you will!
normal blogging will resume next week, homefront style!

Thursday 9 September 2010

paysage de la France

Okay so todays post may not be as exciting as yesterdays, 
but still I defy anyone not to fall in love with Brittany..

My description would be 'un-developed Cornwall'
I think the above landscape is very St. Ives before the harbour was built.

However the built up areas are just as quaint.
This is the bridge into Dinan,
well worth a visit if you are passing by.

View from Mont St. Michel

The sand on this beach was unbelievably lush!!
All glittery and super soft!
Within steps of a great family campsite found here

Fallen in love?
Pay close attention to this scene, there is something that will always be special to me...
...tune in tomorrow to find out what!

Wednesday 8 September 2010

le marché aux puces trouve

Continuing on the French theme...
Haggling over one or two euros in the hot hot French sun had to be the highlight of our trip.
Don't assume flea markets only occur in Paris, they are everywhere!
France has thankfully stayed very French,
by that I mean that modern home shops are few and far between,
hence sooo much flea fodder.

 I was in good company too.
My mother and sister in law, who have similar needs to me were along for the ride..
..and what a ride!!
I would love to have had a heart moniter on all three of us when we first glimpsed the greatness!

We were soon heading off in different directions.
And I loved it!!

Loved it, loved it!
Funny how haggling is so much easier and much more fun
in a foreign country..we are talking single figured euros however!

Then came the fun show and tell of what we had found.
My first purchase were these two handled cups that reminded me of drinking hot chocolate for breakfast in France during a childhood visit.
They actually turned out to be English!!

This leather satchel was mine as soon as I spied it
not bad for 2 euros hey?
My mother-in-law has since noted that satchels are the next big thing..
..I would like to say I already knew.
When really I'm just a hippie,
not a fan of the big bag scene!

By the time I'd spied these beauties I had already been round once, and was on my second look.
Strange how you notice different things each time.
I was after something 'French' and there they were
pleading me to take them home and release them from their taped up grubby existence.
After some frantic haw hee hawing I got them for 5 euros instead of 6! LOL

Okay so we were nearly done.
We'd found each other,
whilst waiting for the last purchases to take place I bought these tins for 2 euros!
They are just my colours.
Hanging about flea stalls is dangerous
the instinct to buy is strong!

 My last buy was actually the first thing I had spotted.
Ever on the look out for fabric,
I rifled through an old trunk and found these overalls,
Obviously for patchwork..

..though maybe not what do you think?
After my overall purchases we started seeing old women wearing them,
mainly outside cleaning windows or just chatting!
Maybe I'll start a new trend?

Brocante is another outlet for authentic pieces.
I loved this hand painted jug especially its spotty handle.

And this gorgeous turquoise lamp, a mainstay in all french homes!

...they dont call it flea market for nothing..
..along with the goodies came alot of real French dust and grubbyness!
 Like I said
I loved it!!