Thursday 16 September 2010

spanky new machine

Yay I am perkier now!
Indeed my delivery was not a patchwork cushion,
but a spanky new machine.

Here she is.
I have never had a new machine; always a hand-me-down, two of which I still have.
The projects that needed sewing were stacking up, 
and there is only so many times you can borrow your Mums machine!
After a sweaty hour in sewing world and a lot of umming and rubbing of chin, 
I decided upon this Janome qxl605.
It was a total minefield for me really, 
but thankfully the lovely assistant Debbie was a star, which was so helpful.
To the amazement of my husband I didnt even switch the machine on yesterday!
Such was the daunting feeling I had about the
computery bit.
No worries! Everything has worked a treat.  
The best button so far snips the threads after finishing.
As usual always jumping in with both feet,
I finally made up one of the vintage patchwork cushions,
I'm chuffed once more.
It's backed with plain cream, which sets off the patchwork just lovely.
I even managed to follow the instructions for fitting a zip.
A bit tricky, but once understood not too taxing.
Next time I shall reverse it so the flap is lying the opposite way, 
I'm still learning the ways of this new toy.
So there we are...
life might not always seem peachy to me..
but there are glimpses of genius!


ps. thankyou to my sweet mother in law,
for without her kind gift this post would still be a dream!


Diane said...

OOOO Lovely!! So whats in the pipeline? xxxx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Very,very nice. :)
Vivienne x

Floss said...

Fantastic! You're going to make such good use of it! I love the button that snips the thread...

Simone said...

You have made a lovely cushion. What is next on the list? x

Dawn said...

Very smart! I love the cushion - those fabrics seem to remind me of childhood dresses.

Serenata said...

How lovely, I bet you are thrilled with your new machine.

Anne said...

Fantastic, to have your own brand new sewing machine! You will enjoy it soooo much.
I love your cushion, the colours are gorgeous andI'm looking forward to seeing your new creations Clare.
Have a lovely weekend.
Anne xx

Lisa said...

Your first project is a great success, here's to many more!
Lisa x

VintageVicki said...

That machine looks very clever :) - like the idea of a thread sniping action.

Agree with Country Girl - am sure I had those patterns in my clothes when I was small.

Juliab said...

Lucky lucky girl! The cushion is fantastic and it looks beautiful on your leather chair. Can't wait to see what you make next.

noelle said...

wow, how exciting, and your cushion is fabulous!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love your pretty, hexy cushion!! I bet that machine is lovely to use!! I will be getting a similar one soon, and can't wait!!

Happy stitching!!

Sharon xx

liset said...

You lucky one! Great machine and a cool, cool cushion!