Monday 20 September 2010

Shepton antiques fair

Knowing how much you all enjoyed tales from my French trip, 
I give you the best of British, drum roll please!
Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair!

Spurred on with enthusiasm from our French flea market experience;
the same team with the addition of Mr Fete, were let loose amongst the unsuspecting dealers!
Having never been before we were all pleasantly surprised at how varied and hoooge it was.
Loved the vintage patchwork thing up there.
And of course lots of eye candy! 
With over 600 stalls there really is something for everyone, if your that way inclined.
When you go to a big antiques fair what do you expect to see?
Bargain Hunt of course!
After just one hour of perusing I can well understand how hard it is to find such bargains!
On the whole I would love to go again,
it's just so interesting to see items in the flesh and get immersed in the strange world of
the British 
wheeler dealers, hustlers and magpies!!
(the majority being the latter)
Me being one too, magpie that is, I couldnt come away hands free.
Being a Poole pottery fan I found this sweet jug*
From the 50s, it wasnt a bargain but I liked the delicateness of painting, 
unlike the usual heavy painted pieces.
And a project for me.
I've been looking for a stool to make the doggy needlepoint tapestry pattern
that I fell in love with at Rumwell Park
Anyone have any knowledge on needlepoint?
Can I use normal wool, or is it really necessary to buy special tapestry wool?

I can highly recommend a visit to one of the fairs
especially if you have something in particular that you cant find elsewhere.

My sister- in- law once told me that she had a bit of a jug fetish...
..I think its rubbed off on me, as I do seem to have quite a few around the house.
I shall write a special post soon 
'ode to the jug'


Diane said...

I get too overwhelmed when things are on such a grand scale, and end up actually seeing nothing!!! It does look fab though. xxxxx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Looking forward to seeing the stool makeover! :)
Vivienne x

Shaheen said...

I love antique fairs. Somewhere where you are def. going to find something original. I agree with Diane though, can sometimes be overwhelming.