Wednesday 8 September 2010

le marché aux puces trouve

Continuing on the French theme...
Haggling over one or two euros in the hot hot French sun had to be the highlight of our trip.
Don't assume flea markets only occur in Paris, they are everywhere!
France has thankfully stayed very French,
by that I mean that modern home shops are few and far between,
hence sooo much flea fodder.

 I was in good company too.
My mother and sister in law, who have similar needs to me were along for the ride..
..and what a ride!!
I would love to have had a heart moniter on all three of us when we first glimpsed the greatness!

We were soon heading off in different directions.
And I loved it!!

Loved it, loved it!
Funny how haggling is so much easier and much more fun
in a foreign country..we are talking single figured euros however!

Then came the fun show and tell of what we had found.
My first purchase were these two handled cups that reminded me of drinking hot chocolate for breakfast in France during a childhood visit.
They actually turned out to be English!!

This leather satchel was mine as soon as I spied it
not bad for 2 euros hey?
My mother-in-law has since noted that satchels are the next big thing..
..I would like to say I already knew.
When really I'm just a hippie,
not a fan of the big bag scene!

By the time I'd spied these beauties I had already been round once, and was on my second look.
Strange how you notice different things each time.
I was after something 'French' and there they were
pleading me to take them home and release them from their taped up grubby existence.
After some frantic haw hee hawing I got them for 5 euros instead of 6! LOL

Okay so we were nearly done.
We'd found each other,
whilst waiting for the last purchases to take place I bought these tins for 2 euros!
They are just my colours.
Hanging about flea stalls is dangerous
the instinct to buy is strong!

 My last buy was actually the first thing I had spotted.
Ever on the look out for fabric,
I rifled through an old trunk and found these overalls,
Obviously for patchwork..

..though maybe not what do you think?
After my overall purchases we started seeing old women wearing them,
mainly outside cleaning windows or just chatting!
Maybe I'll start a new trend?

Brocante is another outlet for authentic pieces.
I loved this hand painted jug especially its spotty handle.

And this gorgeous turquoise lamp, a mainstay in all french homes!

...they dont call it flea market for nothing..
..along with the goodies came alot of real French dust and grubbyness!
 Like I said
I loved it!!


H said...

the tins are fantastic for 2 euros! i love your new outfit...fancy wanting to cut that number up!

carol at home said...

What a great haul and real bargains to boot

Diane said...

The French have got it sooooo right. They dont waste anything. By the way, I love the overall - wear it!! xxxxx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I've been looking forward to next French instalment!
Great purchases, I love the colour of your tins too. :)
Vivienne x
P.S. Nothing wrong with hippie!!

Hen said...

Hey, I love the overalls but I think I'd rather be sewing than cleaning! Great finds.
Hen x

A garden just outside Venice said...

I would add a belt and a hat to your pretty overhall!
My nan, who has always been a housewife/farmer in her life, wears it everyday as a dress!

Gilly Tee said...

Great bag of goodies. Envy you the satchel lots and lots.

liset said...

What a great cathches!! That leather bag and that lovely blue light. Perfect!

Deb Robertson Writes said...

Jealous much! thanks for your kind comments on my blog, we are shaky but coping :)

Little stitch and me said...

Some great finds makes me want to go just for the markets. Loving the apron I have a thing for them at the moment.

Juliab said...

Wow, you really did well at the flea market. We have just returned from France but unfortunately did not see any flea markets around. Shame as that kind of thing is right up my street. You've got to keep one of the overalls in tact for cleaning - go on, you know you want to!

Lisa said...

Great buys and YES you have to wear the overalls!
Lisa x

Theodora quilts said...

wow !! all the stuff you got are awsome especially the overalls the fabrics are so pretty , enjoy your goodies.