Friday 3 September 2010

take one tea towel..

Remember the unpicking last friday?
what was it?

Here is the before picture.
A lovely floral tea towel which was destined to become greater things.
With my thrifty eye..
(akin to Alan Titchmarsh telling us to buy plants with lots of stems that we could split,
therefore more plant for your money)
not wanting to waste one scrap of the floralness,
I un-picked the dotty bit to reveal more of the lovely underneath.

So with a bit of umming...

Not bad for a first timer.

Have a sunny weekend.. tea towel one word or two?


Jacey said...

Not sure about Tea towel being one or two words, I always put thankyou as one word but my spell checker changes it to two, doesn't look right somehow.
Your tea towel chair cushion is beautiful.
Jacey x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Oh gosh I love it. I love the pattern. It looks fantastic.
I love seeing people repurpose stuff too, which is what I blogged about today.
Fab work!

Diane said...

Where did you find such a gorgeous tea towel? It looks really lovely. xxxxxx

Lisa said...

Oh you clever girl, it's fab!
Lisa x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely cushion! Not sure about the spelling, I always find the more you think about these things the more you confuse yourself. We know what you mean anyway!!
Have a good weekend. :)
Vivienne x

Jennifer said...

I love the pattern, what cheery colours.

sew obsessed said...

Love it so bright and cheery, what a great way to add some vintage vibe to a chair!

ginny said...

i like ~ a lot! happy September Clare x

Lyn said...

I keep buying tea towels to use 'one day' I love your seat pad idea.