Sunday 26 September 2010

pigs in pannage

A tell-tale sign that Autumn has begun
is the appearance of pigs roaming free in the forest!

 Pannage is the term used for just this occasion and dates way back to the Domesday book.
It is a commoners*right
  to graze their pigs donkeys and whatnot in the wild.
*someone who lives within the new forest,
that's not everyone however, that would be silly!

The pigs scoff up all the acorns which has two benefits.
1. free pig fattening fodder
2. prevents ponies from eating the acorns which are poisonous to them.

We have seen them now for four years without fail.
They do fascinate me so!!


Diane said...

Thats really interesting - I'd be a bit scared if I came across a huge pig on a walk though!!!

Simone said...

How wonderful to see the pigs roaming free and scoffing up all the acorns!

Anonymous said...

I love the piglets, they are the funniest little creatures!!!
Vivienne x

All things nice... said...


Love your blog, your header text is lovely.Those pigs are so cute!

All things nice...

New Forest Bed and Breakfast said...

We love the piggies too! we always look out for them.

Anne said...

Pigs are the most comical of animals with their funny noses, little eyes, floppy ears and squiggly tails, not to mention the noises they make. I love that big fat black and white one in the photo. He looks like he is about to have a good roll in the grass.

Lisa said...

Not just lovely photos, but you are educating us too!
Lisa x

Mac n' Janet said...

Interesting post. Saw a pig in the New Forest one time that was so big I thought, at a distance, that it was a pony.