Sunday 12 September 2010

the french way

Apologies for failure to complete the 'french week'
on friday.
 Consumption of varied yet delicious cocktails
thursday night,
reduced me to my teenage self!
I'll never drink again!
not expressed aloud, 
however my sore head was indeed 
thinking it!

Lets continue then with the 
'everything else' post.
 Halfway up the steep cobbled street in Dinan
(not best in flip flops, but do-able)
you will find a quirky little shop, which for all the world looks set up for blogworld.

 I had to stop myself from gushing to the shop keeper on the virtues of blogging!
Stepping inside however was a mix of
awe and the feeling of 
'oh its one of those shops where I just like to look but never buy'
Dont get me wrong it was quite wonderous,
just not sure what I would do with more buttons and thread? 
The above picture is a good representation of what lined the walls,
I just couldnt help wondering if she ever sold anything!!
update* If you want to see just what I mean there is a great write up 
from nostalgia at the stone house (thanks Floss)

All that was missing was a monkey!
How very French!!

Couldnt resist taking a pic of a French allotment
Would love to know what they grow?
(bet Floss could tell me!)

 Le chat

Cycling on glorious empty roads...

...and beaches!

Curious rock formations!

Humourous pizza boxes!

Huge list of crepes in Pont Aven.

Salade du soleil
Hands down the best salad I have ever eaten!!!!

The last picture I took was above a campsite sink.
A great way to end a superb holiday!
'washing of shellfish is forbidden'

Before I close this week in France I asked you what was special to me about the pic below?

not guessed?

I have always taken pride that for all my 36 years on this good earth
That 1.
I have no fillings
and 2
I've never fallen off my bike proper.

Needless to say the latter no longer exhists.
And I couldnt have picked a prettier spot heh?
After the horrible realisation had passed I felt a certain acomplishment,
and went on to take quite detailed photos of the exact spot that shall always be a fond memory of our trip to Brittany.

ps. hope you have enjoyed my holiday snaps, we will def be returning, as I hope you will!
normal blogging will resume next week, homefront style!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Thanks for sharing your French holiday with us!
I can't wait to get back there myself, you've kept it fresh in my mind what a lovely place it is. :)
Vivienne x
P.S. Thursday sounds like it was fun!!

Simone said...

I think you should get a job with the French Tourist Board as you have done such a wonderful job of promoting France! I certainly would like to visit judging by your 'French' posts. I am sorry that you fell off your bike and hope you didn't hurt yourself!

Diane said...

I was banned from going into that shop - they feared they would never see me again!! But I lingered longer by the window!! Oh No!!! The bike!!!
I have loved your French Holiday - thanks for taking me with you! PS when we camped on the Ile de Re, they had a special sink for the washing of fish etc. Our "neighbours" were a delightful French couple, the monsiuer fished all day in a boat with his pals and he came home at the end of the day and the ladies cooked the fish for supper - in the truly remarkable way that only the French can do. I was in awe! xxxx

Floss said...

Ah, Elizabethd of French Village Life is the woman to tell you what grow in Breton allotments - I know there are plenty of veg down here which won't grow up there! But I would take a bet on green beans and carrots, and there do look to be a lot of salads in your pic. Some fruit bushes too. The climate's so similar to Cornwall that they won't grow much different, so it's mainly going to differ due to national tastes. More artichokes in France than in Cornwall, I guess!

Other than that, is the Dinon shop a vintge one? If so, Niki at Nostalgia at the Stonehouse has done a lovely post about it. You might like to try and find it.

Thanks for your excellent French tour. I didn't even successfully lear to ride a bike until I was 18!

Kate at M is for make said...

I went to the same area of France for our first family hols this summer, makes my heart ache a little seeing your photos, it was so beautiful. We went to Dinan, I kick myself for not finding that shop!

Anne said...

Thank you Clare for sharing your holiday with us. My appetite for visiting this gorgeous country has only increased after seeing your lovely photos.

pinkgreen said...

I have to confess I bought a little bundle of vintage linen and a cellophane bag of glass buttons from that shop. I went back at the end of my holiday to get some more bits and bobs only to find they were closed. I very nearly cried - I'd saved most of my holiday spending money for that shop! I'm impressed by your restraint! Glad you had such a lovely holiday.

Lisa said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed my the glimpse at your lovely summer hols.
Ouch to the bike thing though!
Oh and the hangover!
Lisa x

craftyjemima said...

Just found your blog today and am so excited you went to brittany. I used to go to the area around Quimper as a kid - can't remember how many times I've been over but I've been to Pont Aven and Mt St Michel - I especially loved your French houses post - I love houses in Brittany! They're so characteristic and I love those shutters! Thanks for the massive dose of nostalgia,

Nerys x