Tuesday 14 September 2010


Good afternoon...I'm having one of those days.
Call it a crisis in confidence, or a lack of identity, I'm not sure?
I do find my moods are  linked with the weather.
And its a pretty drab kind of day here.

..tomorrow I shall be fingers crossed much perkier,
for I am expecting a delivery, (not the stork type)

So I'm going to sit here for a bit and watch the birds, if you dont mind...


Jackie said...

I know what you mean - and this windy wet weather definitely doesn't help!!

Hope you feel better tomorrow ...can't wait to see what you mystery delivery is!! x

Floss said...

So even gifted thrifters get low days, then? Have a perky day tomorrow!

Serenata said...

Best thing to do - I often spend time watching the birds. Pictures on my blog of birds in the garden today. Definitely moods are influenced by the weather here as well.

Hope your delivery arrived.

Bobo Bun said...

That really doesn't sound too good. I hope your mood lifts from you soon as it's horrible when lack of confidence strikes.

Take care X

Diane said...

We all have these Claire - some of us on a daily basis - for one reason or another - or even all the reasons all at once! Hope the delivery is on time. xxxx

Simone said...

Can I join you and watch the birds? I hope you feel better soon. x

Anne said...

Hello Clare,
Have a 'nuture me' day. Take the time just to be you. Think of all the people in blog land who love and value you.
Enjoy your delivery! :-)
Sending love and hugs,