Friday 29 August 2008


Well I should be doing the housework, but here I am again posting.
The garden is alive with sound of blue tits, and great tits and if I'm very lucky long tailed tits.
I love it when they all fly in with their peep peep peeps, I can even forgive them for plant bending, its funny to see movement amongst the undergrowth then watch a tit on a stem bend to the floor in slow motion. I just wish we had tits all year and not sparrows who scare away the long tailed tits and peck at my lettuce! In decline 'my a*se'.

This the view from my desk where I blog. And above is my kitchen with the sweet peas. So following the garden round from the left, here is the chaos that is my 'under development' garden.

helenium, rosemary, agastache, hyssop, astrantia, santolina, verbena, white rose, raven penstemon and new white honeysuckle.

day lily, dahlia, bay, echinacea, echinops ritro ++

Not really my cup of tea, rosewise, but its a great performer. lemon balmn cotinis, varigated lavatera grown from seed this year, should have burgundy flower.

Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus', marsh mallow, japanese anenome, white buddleia

penstemon garnet, gertrude jekyll rose hiding, scabious wildly out of control!

bugundy ice rose, squashed in agapanthus, lavender rosea, lemon achillea

Eupatorium cannabinum, berberis, heuchera, hellebore, holly, astrantia claret

Back to the patio with a fatsia and a climbing hydrangea.
So as you can see its all in need of some attention whether it be moving or editing. phew...


Simone said...

You have a lovely garden. Mine is a bit of a jungle at the moment with brambles overtaking everything. Once the blackberries are finished the brambles are for the chop!

Sal said...

I think your garden is so lovely!!No wonder you enjoy being in it!

this is my patch said...

Wow, what a lovely garden! I really like how you have divided up the lawn with the shaped borders, a great idea. Some lovely flower combinations too, and I can see lots of plants I haven't got! I hope one day to be able to give a full guided tour of my garden, when I finally get to see the back of the dreaded slabs! x