Saturday, 2 August 2008

taking part

Its show time again! This was my first ever entry in the fruit/veg category, I didn't expect to get second prize! So this was my families royal horticultural show, I say family because my Mum runs the huge raffle, my Grandma folds the tickets and my Dad and Brother do the car parking, and my Mother in law has a thrifty type stall. Generally its just an excuse for my extended family to get together!
Its such a great village tradition, with an amazing group of local people who all work together to make the day run smoothly and seem effortless, little do the public realise just how much hard work goes on behind the scene.

Hope you like my windmill? It had to be made from veg/fruit and is always entertaining, I thought I was in with a chance this year, until I got to the hall and saw my competition. The winning entry is below, my friends and myself all preferred mine, what do you think?

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