Wednesday 20 August 2008

shout out

Is is just me or is this blogging thing all consuming? I feel like I'm juggling with 100 balls afraid to drop one or lose one! Here are some appropriate photos for some of my fellow bloggers whom I have tagged. I have read most of your lovely blogs but forgive me if I mix you up its all making my head spin, in a good way!

This picture is for Simone at linden grove. I too have inherited a wisteria which I have trained, I only wish it was less rampant and white like yours.

This ones for Sal at sals snippets. My collection of embroideries that never see the light of day!
Its difficult when you live with a man, to have chintzy things on display.

And lastly just some of the blessed teasel seedlings for Louise at this is my patch. I only wish I had taken a photo in spring when there was a lovely carpet of the blighters! Thanks to the heads up on the borage setting seed issue, my aunt has just given me some seeds, dare I sow them?


Sal said...

I do so love vintage, hand embroidered items!
I'm taking some to the V&H fair in November!! ;-)

Simone said...

Thanks for the mention! You have trained your wisteria well. I would advise against the borage seeds. I am forever pulling them damn things up! They self seed all over the place and the stems become very thick. The plus side is the flowers are very pretty, the bees love them and the flowers go well to garnish a Pimms!

Louise said...

Ooh look at those teasel seedlings. Plant borage if you dare! Thanks for the mention Clare. x