Sunday 3 August 2008


There's nothing like the buzz I get from finding a real gem for 99p!!!!
Here is my latest acquisition from my local thrift store, I love the colour more than the shape, but I'm coming round to it, I think it looks sort of deco? In the same week I found this great table cloth, again its not really my thing, however it was 99p and I've not actually seen anything like it before in a charity shop.

I watched Trinny and Susannah this week where they had women addicted to shopping. It made me thankful that I'm addicted to spending pennies and not pounds, although I don't think my husband would agree that it is a good thing!

The last finds in this week were from a house clearance that I found advertised in the paper. I had never been to one before, but it sounded intriguing so we went. So early Saturday morning we trudged across a damp field in the rain to gawp at lots of old stuff. Actually there were some really nice things, if you like old tools and gardening paraphernalia. Here's what I got, the shelf brackets I shall paint cream to go in the dining room.

I did find the house clearance a little on the sad side, I just kept thinking this is someones life strewn out on this muddy field and that got me thinking, what would my belongings look like all laid out and what would they say about me?


Sal said...

Well done on your bargains!
I love old garden items!! ;-)

Mrs Jelly said...

Have you popped over the flickr group I created where you can post piccies of all your bargain buys?
See the sidebar on my blog for the link :o)
I just got a roman blind made from Cath Kidston fabric on both sides from the Oxfam shop yesterday for £1.99 !!!