Tuesday 19 August 2008

catalogue crazy

Its crazy that I'm even considering orders already for next year, this is usually an autumn pursuit. But it feels like autumn when I'm stuck indoors and yes I have a winter roll neck woolly on! With the lure of free bulbs I'm pondering on an order from J Parker Bulbs I've had mixed success with this company however their bulbs were good last time so I'll give them another go.
The use of catalogues also gives my choice that I'm afraid to say garden centres/nurseries do not. I've had so many disappointing visits now that I will resort to buying online, however I do support local shops and have the bank balance to prove it!

These allium christophii are £1.45 for 10. I did want white alliums but at that price they are worth a go. The giant heads claim to be 25cm!!

These are camassia bulbs which I saw at Malvern this spring, I bought one, don't ask my why just one duh!! I 'm really into this pale blue colour.

Queen of the night tulips which are the freebie. These tulips are stunning I have grown them before, I think I will grow them in pots either side of the bay window.

If you love plants I urge you to visit hayloft plants online. Its a company started by three friends and you can tell they really love plants. I have not ordered from them before as I think they are a little pricey, however their catalogues are to die for and I use them mainly for inspiration. They do have an iris that I want want want though! Iris Elizabeth of England

and penstemon sour grapes....

Its not just plant catalogues that land on my doorstep, this morning the autumn Cath Kidston catalogue arrived! Lovely!

Apart from fabric I've not ordered anything from CK. I just like lusting over the gorgeousness!

Love that polka dot bag!



Simone said...

You have put me in the mood to look at gardening catalogues now! I really like the look of the dark tulips. I think they would look good contrasting with some white flowers in a window box. Thaks for the inspiration!

Mrs Jelly said...

The amount of times I've applied for the Cath Kidston catalogue and I NEVER GET ONE!! Boo Hiss! She probably knows I'm going to pinch all her ideas!!

Sal said...

For some reason I get two CK catalogues every time.
I spent the whole morning browsing yesterday!!
Gorgeousness!! ;-)