Friday 2 December 2011

shelf life

I wasn't going to post today, 
but I wanted to let you know that after resting and not sewing
my shoulder is feeling a lot better.
Although I'm still taking things easy,
typing doesn't help!
 I have found that things get attracted to hooks.. does that happen?
 The 'shepton mallet' shelf has added a new
and ever changing creative dimension 
to what was a bare and bumpy wall.
I have finally given up finished decorating the hallway
(all three levels!)
The colour battleship grey misted hills from dulux, other paints are available.
 This photo is our old house and the lady was Mr Fetes Great Grandmother plus dog.
Have a lovely weekend and wrap up warm it's getting colder at last?


Unknown said...

Very stylish and chic clare! I wish my hooks collected such an interesting assortment of goodies!

Lynne said...

Glad your shoulder is feeling better than it was. I thought the hearts looked like string in the first photo, and wondered how they had been made. But I see in a later photo they are a type of vine, not unlike grapevine. The crocheted star is a nice touch, as is the heart.
Have a great weekend yourself.

Simone said...

I am glad your shoulder is getting better. I do like a shelf and a hook! The old black and white photo is great. One of my old great Nan's looked like that too!!! x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

It's very chilly here today!!
Have a great weekend,
Vivienne x

Susan said...

Hooks are such handy things- can't have enough! Your shelf is really pretty too! Love the grey colour- especially as I'm not really a grey girl! Take it easy and rest that shoulder.

**Anne** said...

Your shelf is GORGEOUS!! All those special items to be admired everytime you walk past, beautiful decorations for a previous empty wall. I love the star!
Hoping your shoulder continues to improve.
Take care,
Anne xx

Mary said...

Definitely chilly, but sunny....a nice combination! Love the shelf and the little peek into your life {on a shelf}...LOL! Glad your shoulder is better. You may have to pick up a package or two with Christmas coming...hee hee!

Diane said...

I once ended up with an almost frozen shoulder caused by knitting and crochet - serious indeed! Make sure you give it a good rest. xxxx

opportunityknits said...

LOVE your shelf display, especially the string of hearts and the crochet star. I have hooks behind my front door and I am inspired to use it more creatively now :)

Nicky said...

You home looks fabulous - mine looks very messy at the moment but if I want to include fab photos like these all I need do is... move in ! hehe!

Well I don't think I can get to your style level Clare! too much clutter!