Wednesday 14 December 2011

creepy christmas

Apologies for the creepy post.
You see every year I hand make something for my friends children.
With my shoulder issues I wasn't sure I would make anything.
But I got an email from her saying how much they look forward to my parcel every year!
 Why the day of the dead?
Well on a visit this year I discovered that the sweet hello kitty loving kids have 
progressed to a more ghoulish taste.
I just hope they don't give them nightmares!

*day of the dead inspiration courtesy of Mexico
bowl anthropologie!!!!!!!!!


Susan said...

Great idea! Not my cup of tea, but I am sure the kids love them!

Lisa said...

Hello you. They look fab(and creepy) I'm sure they'll go down a treat.
Lisa x

Lynne said...

Well it's different for Christmas. They look kinda fun in the colours you've chosen.

Floss said...

Fantastic! I really rather like them. Can't wait to see what the recipients think...

Unknown said...

wow they are amazing x

Maxabella said...

I think they're brilliant! Why not goulish if that's what the kids love? Fab! x

Nicky said...

They do have hearts in their eyes - so can't be all bad!

Simone said...

I like the day of the dead and skulls too!!! Your skulls are not frightening at all and very pretty with the soft embroidery. x

Mary said...

Fantastic! I will have to show Molly...she loves the sugar skull!!!

Queenie Believe said...

I'm loving your Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) ornaments. They are wonderful!!! At first blush it may appear creepy but the holiday is really about remembering family and friends who have gone before us.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie