Tuesday 13 December 2011

glad tidings

 There are many weeks throughout the year that slip pass unnoticed..
 then sometimes a week occurs like no other..
 These adorable pottery ornaments are from
Cathy at Potter Jotter
whose giveaway I was so fortunate to win.
thankyou Cathy, I shall have fun playing about with them.
 This little notebook is a very special gift.
My friend Karen of 20 years gave me this little book last week.
It will be a book of special memories 
the first will be to Muffin the fluffmeister
Karens cat who passed last week.
 Next to arrive my secret squirrel parcel.
 Which contained such delights I cannot put it into words.
I do know that I was heard to say
Oh my god a number of times.
I shall tease you with this snippet for now...
I can also reveal that one of the lovely packages contained this lovely C.
It's from Anthropologie in America...an inspiring shop.
 And yes last week I also took a trip to the capital
and discovered their London store on Regent Street...
....and I quite agree Mary it is a little piece of heaven...


Vintage Jane said...

I just love the little pottery ornaments - so original. And as for Anthropologie, a shop I can lose myself in for hours when in London - something my hubby just can't understand! M x

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

What an exciting week! I your Christmas wreath and those little decorations best but everything is lovely :)

Mary said...

So glad you got to Anthropologie! I could certainly drop a lot of cash there!!! The pottery is very special...what a lucky girl! You deserve all this special-ness and more :) Hope this week is equally as wonderful!!!

Simone said...

Such a wonderful week receiving lovely packages. It really gives you the feel good factor doesn't it? x

Diane said...

I have to admit that I spend fr too much time drooling over Anthrapolgies website! xxxxx

Susan said...

What wonderful goodies you have received this week! I am especially loving the quilted goodness behind the pretty pottery ornaments! Show and tell, please!

Isisjem said...

Such a week of great goodies!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Definitely a good week for you Clare, such beautiful things! :)
Vivienne x

greenthumb said...

Looks like you are having the best week, love those little ornaments wouldn't mind some hanging on my tree.

Nicky said...

Squeaal! Shriek! Mary's things are indeed gorgeous ! That doesn't do it justice but hey!

The other treasures are great too! Who has been a good girl then to deserve such riches??! Clare of course!