Wednesday, 30 November 2011

stitch n bitch or pain stops play (again)

Well I've started so I'll finish!
Appliqueing that is: my flowering snowball to the polka dot border.
Why is it that I cannot seem to make something that is regular and easy?
I swear my next quilt will be plain old squares.
I am not advocating this technique,
I just want to keep the border whole,
and this seemed the easiest way?
Remember I reported a bad wrist, 
well I have worked out that it's actually my shoulder causing the problems.
Falling off my bike is not so funny now...
...where is the cod liver oil?
I'm trying to do a little at a time...
...and that's not an easy thing for the chief creator here at selfsewn headquarters!!

*don't forget to click on the flowering snowball label for progress on this quilt.

amendment: currently on a creative rest
due to pain.
Now I'm thinking it could have been my fall on the beach in Devon.
I may be having a trip to a chiropractor.
Either way it sucks....I must stop falling!


Susan said...

I love the gry polka dots - very classy! Not so good about the wrist pain. Take it easy and enjoy the journey!

Mary said...

Clare for some reason your posts keep showing up late on my is weird and confusing me. {although that is not difficult to do}....Anyway, sorry about the pain - you do need to rest it. Sometimes a little physical therapy can help. Your quilt is looking fantastic!

Unknown said...

Be careful missy!

hippyhat said...

Hello Clare
Have I told you lately that I really admire your wonderfully creative work? *sigh* Truely marvellous. Drat you pesky painful wrist/shoulder*insert as appropriate* may the pain be soon a distant memory!
love and hugs
pamela xxx

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

You're worse than me at this falling lark! Hope your aches and pains get better quicker than my ankle did (months!!). Loving your Christmassy stuff in previous post!

Pomona said...

You poor thing - I truly sympathize (and empathize) - physio and acupuncture is what works for me!

Pomona x

lavender attic said...

Hi Clare
How frustrating - take care and rest. *Step away from the sewing* I don't think the cold weather helps...keep taking the cod liver oil and glucosamine too!

Nicky said...

Give yourself a break Clare and look after yourself we need you in A1 condition to inspire us with your beautiful work!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Ouch! Take care, it's hard to rest, I know I would be useless at it so no point in me telling you to do it!
Vivienne x

Lynne said...

Ohh, I sympathise. Love the spots though.

Lisa said...

What's with all the falling over?
Hope you are resting proper like missus.
Lisa x

Simone said...

Just catching up with this post! I hope you are getting better. Pain is no fun! x

trish said...

Oh wow. I am so sorry about your fall and the pain you are experiencing. It sure makes things complicated, doesn't it?
I hope you are feeling much better soon.