Thursday 6 January 2011

messing about

 Hey well looks like I'm writing another post with lots of 
not very good photos!
So I woke up with a migraine this morning,
its raining and so dim.
Whats a girl to do?
 Thought I'd share how I go about patchworking
and making a big old mess!
I feel like I'm talking in an American accent on this post?
Must be the crime investigation channel I'm watching!
Love it!
 So this is how I spend my days 
when patchworking
(or crocheting!)
I've left my twiggy stars up on the fireplace
just because..they look cute.
 This is to my left.
Do you see the bare floorboards, 
(yes its been a cold winter!)
you can see where originally they were exposed,
by the staining in the the doorway.
It was common place in period houses that the floorboards 
were only stained where they showed, 
hence the bare wood where the rug would have been.
Funny right?
If you live in an old house, you've probably seen it.
I like to take pictures when I'm working colour schemes,
switching patches around to see what works best.
 Looking at a digital picture helps sometimes.
I've still not matched those mustard diamonds yet!

 Lesson learnt this morning:
hidden cotton reel versus slipperless foot.

 Ta-dah! That's me.
With a little help from my gorilla pod.
a flexible camera tripod
(a great gadget gift from the old man)
No need for comments, just wanted to share my mess.

I'd love to see what mess you get in when crafting, 
it's interesting to see the 'making of'
and not just the finished product.

 And now its 2 o'clock and I've not eaten my lunch yet!!


Simone said...

At least your mess IS a CREATIVE one!!! I hope your head and foot get better soon. Best have some lunch?!!! x

Sundsho is the word verification. It is like asking to see the sun with a blocked nose!!!

potterjotter said...

It never got light today did it - enough to give anyone a migraine! Do you actually use a digital quilt block design programme thingy? I am wondering if such a thing may help me with designs for my quilt pots, but dunno which to ask the birthday fairy for.

Lynne said...

I love seeing how other people work. I think I am quite messy when I'm creating. Just love your stars. We've been enjoying Stargazing too. You're right about Brian Cox.
Your patchwork is coming along a treat. Sadly I put all my stuff away for the holidays. Just have to get myself back into gear now.

Anonymous said...

Well firstly hope the head's better!!
Actually my 'mess' (it's not really a mess)is much like yours! I sit on the sofa with my 'mess' to the left of me, with a few bags of bits and pieces on the floor. Only me and my 'mess' get to sit on the sofa, I hate to have to move it to let someone sit down!!!
Vivienne x

Peeriemoot said...

That's not mess! Or of it is, it's the best kind of mess :-).

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

If you want to see messy you need to see me (on second thoughts that's not such a good idea as I tend to spread myself over several rooms!) ..... I love your diamond formations and must give that a try ... just blogged about my latest finished piece so time to go and clear the debris up now before I start again. x

Diane said...

OK - ive just taken the photo, give me 5 mins to load it!
PS - Its looking good for Southampton in March (about the 19th I think) Ive convinced hubby he can go to the match for his birthday! I hope you are available! xxxx

Tea with Prudence said...

Once I get brave enough, Ill show you my mess!

My husband keeps asking me how come Im allowed to have all the rooms in the house (changes with seasons) to do my stuff in, and he isnt allowed to spread out of one little corner.

Answer: Cos my mess is prettier.



Rubyred said...

I am a very messy worker! The stars look wonderful! As for the cotton reel, could've been worse, could've been a pin!
My hubby has found pins a few times, in the bottom of his foot!
Rachel x

Lisa said...

Hope the migraine cleared and you did remember to eat!
Lisa x

Helen said...

I love days like that . . . . .creative mess is wonderful,
Love Helen xx


Hi Clare, I've been blog hopping and found your blog today and was so surprised to see your St. Ives Ayr link on the side. I live in St. Ives and have two blogs and regularly blog about St. Ives with photos etc. You might like to pop over some time. My Carolyn Saxby Mixed Media Textile Art blog currently has some nice photos of St. Ives that you might like. Your blog is lovely!

Best wishes,

pamela said...

It's nice to put a face to the name Clare:) Promised myself I will actually learn to use my current camera before it is 'outdated' and gets replaced by him again. Creative mess? I excel! But no pictures available yet, sorry;)