Thursday 20 January 2011

carry on

 OMG I have a strange man singing in my lounge!!
So this post comes to you from the bedroom

Two reasons.
1. I have men in plastering.
2. I have succumbed to some kind of lurgy!!
I hate having men in so I had planned to be out..
..instead I'm in bed with my lap top and not 
with Lisa from jumble and jelly

As you can see I've sewn up my hexagons...
and I was really chuffed at actually finishing,
but when I laid it out on the bed I realised that
it would be more of a wow to be a full quilt
rather than just the end of the bed 
half job I had planned!
In my heart I know its the right thing to do.
So I shall carry on...


Anonymous said...

It's looking gloriously lovely - carry on please! You are inspiring me to have a go at hand paper piecing - the only thing is that my hand sewing is ridiculously crapadeedoodah and I know I would make a huge pig's bumhole of the whole thing. But then again, do I face the fear and just do it....?

Anonymous said...

Your quilt is stunning and yes I think you should carry on too!
I hate having men in too!!!
Vivienne x

Floss said...

Bold is Beautiful indeed! Get well soon - I hate having men in the house too. Hide under your confindent quilt!

Lisa said...

It looks amazing!
Hope you are feeling a bit brighter today.
Is the singing any good?What about the plastering? We need some done would you recommend them?
Lisa x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Quilt's looking great - full-size will be stunning! We've just come to the end of building work - they were lovely builders, but so glad to see the back of them. If you want a cup of tea, you have to make about 6 cups! And, as you say, the singing and whistling!! Hope you get rid of the lurgy soon :(

Kath said...

That's loking fab! yes do carry on. LOl about the builders, ours have practically become part of th efamily, they've been here off and on for th elast 3 months and no doubt for the next 3!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Thanks for your comment! I've posted pics of the inside of our extension quite a bit of previous posts - e.g. 19.12.10 It's a great space now:) Abby x

Juliab said...

And when you're finished, can you make me one?! It looks incredible - the colours are so vibrant, I love it. It's so got to be full size. I remember having some carpet fitters in to fit carpet into one of our bedrooms. I had a virus which meant a 3 day migraine and sickness. I was in bed hiding under the covers and crying whilst they were banging nails into the gripper rails next door. Not a happy memory! Hope you are feeling better soon. xx

Serenata said...

Wow that is indeed going to be amazing as a full quilt. It looks superb. Hope you are feeling better soon, not much fun when you are ill.

Unknown said...

Wow that piece is truly incredible! I hope you feel better soon!

pamela said...

Oh Clare that is a stunner, you clever selfsewn person you! You're clearly a gardening expert too, thank you so much for all your tips and advice, I'm delighted!
Plasterer finished today (for now - one more job to go, when enough boxes have been moved to allow for sweeping arm movements with trowels and gunge). So tomorrow is yet another cleaning-up after workmen type of day, hey ho;)

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Hope that you feel better soon xxx

Simone said...

Get well soon! Your quilt is looking gorgeous and I think you are right to make it bigger - it's beautiful! x

Bobo Bun said...

Definately. It's always a huge push after you've finished to get going again (well it always is for me), but your quilt looks fabulous and will just be sensational if it covers all the bed.


Gilly Tee said...

I hate having workmen in and class them as a necessary evil. The quilt is looking good but I think you are right to continue.

Alijane said...

Wow what a fab quilt, you definitely have to make it full bed size.

I would love it in my room.

Take care


two bones and a bagle said...

Loving your quilt Keep Calm and Carry on Quilting springs to mind.

Gillian said...

Oh it is looking so fabulous!
and will look truly brilliant as a full quilt :)

liset said...

OMG How stunning and fabulous is that quilt!!! It's perfect!