Thursday 27 January 2011

nice jugs

I have cabin fever!
Aside from a trip to the doctors, 
I have been home.
I have been eating, sleeping and mainly coughing 
in our new lounge, relocated (for now) to the dining room.

I've really gotten fed up with feeling rubbish.
I've tried every remedy known to man.
Cough induced incontinence!

With the lack of anything really exciting to say,
thought I'd share with you some thrifted jugs I found last year.
The small brown one was purchased in St Ives,
I'm not sure I would have bought it,
had it not been for the place name 'Crantock'
which was an old haunt in Cornwall for my friends.
The swirly marble jug was bought just before 
Christmas, in the British heart foundation.
I love anything with a two tone paint job.
When I got home the two met up 
and have been inseparable ever since.

As you know I like to be different from the norm.
I'm drawn to the more unusual objects,
 that I'm pretty sure will come home with me,
yet I still spend a good amount of time

*shirt: h&m,  scruffy jeans: models own!


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, Clare!
Love the little jugs !
Really love the shirt, good old H&M, love it! :)
Vivienne x

noelle said...

Yep, nice jugs!!!!

Simone said...

You look good modelling your jugs clare!!! I am sorry to hear that you are still unwell. I wish I could send a magic potion down the blog to make you feel better again. Instead I am going to send you heaps of positive vibes and hope that they empower you with a feeling of hope and wellbeing!!! x

two bones and a bagle said...

Oh poor you dont you just hate it when you cough and pee. Good job you can laugh about it!!!! Remember you are not alone.

Unknown said...

oooh er! Nice jugs Mrs! I collect jugs, I use all my different ones for my bisto!

Diane said...

Nice jugs, but I am famous for my large jugs - which I have to take into work when we have lots of visitors!!! I have never felt as rubbish in my life! But I have been valiantly going into work (as you get super slagged off if you dont!!) I have exhausted myself sneezing. xx

Jennifer said...

I have heard from several people recently that if you slather the soles of your feet in vick's vapo rub and put socks over them the coughing will go away. Might be worth a try, I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Floss said...

Oh, it's a long time to be ill... you poor thing. We have both boys back at school finally, but with serious misgivings about Son 2's ability to cope there - he is low on iron and so tired. But I'm going for a minor op tomorrow and I'm afraid that school has got to provide childcare tomorrow... Such are the nasty compromises of life.

And yes, nice jugs!

Lisa said...

Saucy! I love jugs too, can never have too many. I guess we'll be looking at those when we go charity shopping!
Lisa x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Nice jugs ;) (actually, they are!!). Hope you feel better soon - it's a pain all these bugs that are about. x

**Anne** said...

I hope you feel better soon Clare.
Anne xx

pamela said...

Aw sorry you've been lurgified, poor you. Hope you pick up soon. Little jugs do seem to attract each other, start with just one and .....dozens! Pretty though.

potter jotter said...

I know what you mean ... have been feeling not exactly ill, just a bit yuk, for weeks now. Brisk walking in the sun (it appears for an hour, some days) is what's needed.

Tea with Prudence said...

Garlic. 'nuff said.


Louise said...

I hope you are feeling better in yourself now. I know all about cough induced incontinence! My best friend's family come from the Crantock area in Cornwall. x