Friday 21 January 2011

I'm a ginger nut

 Hey ho bloggerinos!
Thanks for all your well wishes.
I am teetering..just about to enter the horrible world of
sneeze and snot
(there's a blog right there!)
After one of those terrible cough filled nights
(courtesy of me and the man!)
I felt in the need for some ginger.
recipe here.
Definitely more ginger needed next time
though maybe its my taste buds?
So the two of us are sat with
fuzzy heads, runny noses and gingery biscuits!

And though the colds are still here
the plasterers are not.
whoopee do!!
Have a great weekend all!!

ginger fact*
Just 4% of Europeans are red heads, 
With Scotland and Ireland around 10%
There are  3 red heads in my close group of friends,
quite remarkable..


Pixiedust said...

3 redheads in my school breakfast club too! Hope you feel better soon. gingerbread men look yummy. xx

Anonymous said...

Belvoir Farms Ginger cordial is just the job when you feel a bit ropey, especially made up with hot instead of cold water. So much nicer than honey and lemon too!!
Cathy XX

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Poor you but better out than in I always say! I am good thanks apart from a poorly PC this week (see blog post). Glad that the weekend is here although with the weather being so dismal I think it may well be better to stay in and snuggle up with catch up tv, films and a good book or two for company...oh, and maybe some chocolate for good measure! Hope you get better soon xxxx

Diane said...

Hope you are feeling better Clare - I'm sure the biscuits will help! I love anything with ginger. xxxxxx

Simone said...

Your gingery post has lifted my mood!!! You have made the best ginger biscuits I have ever seen. Eating them would make me very happy!!!I am glad the plasterers have gone and hope your sniffles go too! x

Gill said...

Both my sons are redheads!!
I'm not and neither is my daughter or my husband!

Floss said...

I teach three - two of them are sisters, though...

That's redheads, not gingerbread men, I hasten to add!

Unknown said...

Yummy yummy! These little chaps look smashing!

Juliab said...

Bottle Green ginger and lemongrass cordial tastes delicious, although I swear by Vicks First Defence. Hope you're feeling better soon. x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Those biscuits look delicious!! Glad your plasterers have gone - now you need to get rid of the colds! Have a good weekend - cosy, warm, brandy, hot lemon, hot chocolate, ginger filled! x

Tea with Prudence said...

Hi Suzanne,

the world needs more redheads - my son was a redhead.

Ginger tea - with some fresh squeezed lemon. yum.

(If you really want a get well remedy tho, cant beat raw garlic!!!)


Anonymous said...

Oh what happy little gingerbread men!
Let's hope they do the trick and make you and your man happy too by getting rid of you colds!
Vivienne x

**Anne** said...

Redheads rock. The fact that I have red hair might have something to do with it. :) I had a grandma and a granny with red hair but I was the only one out of 4 siblings who got the red hair.
Love those gingerbread men. I hope you are feeling much better very soon.
Anne xx

Gillian said...

awwww...hugs! hope you are soon feeling much better x

Lisa said...

Hope you don't stay look long in the land of sneeze and snot, sounds messy to me!
Hope you are feeling better and that you enjoyed many of those gingerbread men.
Lisa x

Serenata said...

My hubby used to be known as Gingernut by his grandfather...he used to sing a rhyme about gingernuts and fishes! LOL

Lyn said...

I have never made ginger biscuits but think I might have to give it a try.

Shsjndkdns said...

Hi Clare,
Thanks for the comment, I am really enjoying the delicate stitching that the hexagons require, and the fact that you don't need to get the noisy sewing machine out!
I will keep going with it, yours are stunning and look so complicated!

mother of purl said...

Hello there, I just found your blog and am in love already. The gingerbread men are making me feel peckish x

Diane said...

I think youve passed the virus on to me! I have felt shocking for 3 days and I dont think Ive ever sneezed as much. Thank the lord for Tenalady! xxxxx

Louise said...

These little men are (were) so sweet! x