Tuesday 11 January 2011

tangerine dreams

I am not sleeping..
therefore I am not having 
tangerine dreams!!
I am in a state of creative mayhem..
when there are not enough 
hours in the day
 and too many ideas in my head!
 I am re-naming myself
'the sayer of silly things'
It's true..
I think I shall keep a note pad handy.
 And now my prediction for this years
fashion must have.
A jumpsuit!!!
I know I cant believe it myself.
It's one of those things that I said I would never buy.
Yet it felt so wrong it was right?
I'm thinking hot summer, big sunglasses and floppy hat,
and plenty of margaritas..
it's just a shame my husband isn't called 
Stick with me...

1. stripy top - zara   2. fisherman rib jumper - new look  
3. bow blouse - zara.  4. fabulous jumpsuit - zara
(all zara bought in the sales)


Simone said...

You make a fantastic model! Talking of jumpsuits, back in the '80's I wore dungarees!!! Now there's a word to fill you with horrors! I hope you manage to get some sleep soon. x

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Oh jumpsuits ... wonderful I wore them first time round!! I'm having the same problem with sleep ... everything juggling round in my menobrain at night then too knackered to do anything about it during the day!!

Gillian said...

love your gorgeous bow blouse and your pretty patchwork stars :)

happy new year to you Clare :)

Anonymous said...

Wow I didn't expect a fashion show when I checked in this morning, patchwork yes, crochet yes but not fashion!! lol
I love it all, especially the blouse, very pretty!
I do hope the summer is as you predict!!
Patchwork is looking good too!
Vivienne x

Diane said...

As I wore jumpsuits first time around, I believe that the general rule of thumb is that I should give them a wide bert 2nd time around! But I love the jumper and the top. You do make a stunning model. xxxxx

Alijane said...

Great bargains! I'm not sure about the jump suit - it looks fab on you but I cannot in a million years ever imagine wearing one of those again! My jump suit days are sadly long gone!!


Vintage Tea Time said...

You look good in all of that - even the jumpsuit! ('Jerry, don't put your feet on the coffee table'!!). I remember wearing them years ago - it's going to the loo that's a hassle! Lovely colours of patchwork :)

Juliab said...

Loving the jumpsuit! I love Zara - always great for bargain hunting in the sales too. You did really well - the colours of the clothes are gorgeous and so are the colours of the patchwork - have you been gaining inspiration from your shopping trip?! Roll on summer and margaritas... xx

Tea with Prudence said...

Im voting for the blousy top thingy. Nice.

You look great in the jumpsuit, I looked awful even the first time round.

But, Mrs Leadbetter, will you be performing Maria in the Sound of Music this year,

Fi (or is it Miss. Mountshaft?)

Lisa said...

I can just picture you in a big hat and glasses whilst wearing that jumpsuit, you'd look fabulous darling!
Love the bow top too.
Lisa x

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Love you super sale finds! Thanks for the cottage tip; we are probably going down to Cornwall again this year but have not yet decided whether to camp or cottage it. I too have been thinking how similar we are ie kids, gardening, campervans...now films too! xxx

noelle said...

Turquoise socks, models own!!!

Lyn said...

at least you are getting something done when your not sleeping!
looking good!

potter jotter said...

Hmmm. Am a bit old for jumpsuits now but did wear them a long time ago. I find too many creative ideas keeps me awake at nights - maybe that's why you're not sleeping.