Friday 14 January 2011


 Can I just say sorry for the hedonistic fashion post.
My teenage torment of too short to model
erupted this week...
Probably egged on by 'you know who's next top model'.
Who needs David Bailey when you have a
10 second self timer on your camera and a gorilla pod!
Hats off to the model wannabes however..
its not easy!!
But hey its my blog and I'll model if I want to!
A person should only have to do up one old house.
So why am I now on my second?
We bought this house in a finished all wrapped up state.
Which is fine...
five years on however it is time to 
put our stamp on it.
Its only when you strip things back do you uncover the history.
I don't like the not knowing!
I think houses should have health notes,
like people do.
 So how many uh-ohs did you notice?
Giant filled in crack
previous repair of damp
or this luscious yarn?
I am a creative wh*re!!
No sooner am I finished with one project...
Okay so I've not completed this one yet,
but I have sewn all the patches.

three more uh-ohs  discovered whilst writing this post.

1. the gutter behind me is blocked and over flowing terribly
2. the washing machine sounds like its full of elephants
3. I am responsible for creating the above monster!

Have an uh-oh free weekend all!!


Rose&Bird said...

I didn't spot the cracks, just the yarn!

Diane said...

Ha ha - whatare you making with the wool?xxxxx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Ah, clever disatraction technique there - I only saw the wool! Good luck with the renovations - I'm glad our building work's come to an end! Have a good weekend :)

Simone said...

I saw the wool first too!!! I have lived in this house for 13 years and still need to put 'my mark' on some of it. The crumbling conservatory, leaky roof, broken toilet seat, overflowing gutter, yucky carpets and rotting windowframes give me plenty to uh-oh about!!! Good luck with sorting yours out! x

Serenata said...

Have fun! I would be decorating if I was up to it...wish I was as I so desperately want to attack our bedroom! I would imagine that will look pretty scary underneath the ripped wall paper as well.

Loved your modelling by the way ;_)

Anonymous said...

Just shows what goes on in my head, missed the cracks because I was more interested in the yarn!!!
By the way I have elephants in my washing machine too, just waiting for the day they wreck it for good!
Vivienne x

Juliab said...

Good luck with the decorating - I know exactly how you feel! What's the plan for the new yarn? And finally I am absolutely loving the patchwork - a good variety of colours means that it can travel to any room in your house and if you decide to decorate (again!) it will still go. Have a great weekend. I am currently crocheting flowers with the tiniest crochet hook you have ever seen! xx

Lisa said...

Definitely the yarn. The white looks so lovely. What's it going to be made into?
Lisa x

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Old houses have character and personality...that is what I tell myself anyhow when our house goes wrong!
Love the fashion post BTS...more please.
Have a great weekend xxx

Bobo Bun said...

Tell the elephants to dance quietly in your machine, very naughty of them. Love how your quily is working out. The colours blend wonderfully.


Lisa said...

A meet up would be good. Depending on how T goes next week I was going to try and get into town on Thursday to go to the tourist info office. Are you free then? Or I could meet you over my way after my charity shop shift at 1pm on Wed and we could have a wander round the charity shops before I need to collect the children from school. Really depends on how T gets on at hospital o Tuesday p.m.
T was just running across the playground, tripped and fell. Put his hand out to break his fall and broke his bones. Bless him.
Hope you are having a good weekend.
Lisa x

malia said...

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Following you.
I am so impressed with your talent!