Tuesday 4 January 2011

star gazing

 Anyone watching star gazing live on bbc 2
with the effervescent Brian Cox?
If you missed it, you can catch up on bbc iplayer. 
I'm not sure if I'm watching for the love of the night sky 
or the knowledgeable charm of Mr Cox!!
 I really got into my tutti frutti hand pieced patchwork 
over Christmas, although I'm thinking of renaming it now.
maybe 'the summer of love' or 'bad taste'?
I'm working through my stash 
although I picked these three up from
John Lewis for half price.
The top piece is the before Amy Butler fabric, 
and below after fussy cutting.
Each star is a little bit bigger than a hand span,
so its coming together quite quickly.
I cant wait to start sewing them all together!
I have a love/hate feeling about this quilt.
I'm trying to emulate the colours of vintage patchwork,
its not for the faint hearted and definitely not at all twee!
To combat the business of the fussy patterns
I've added some solid colours, 
which now I love.
Oh no!
Another quilt to add to the must make list!
And there are lots.
Last year I learnt to crochet and it pretty much took over my life
let alone the house!!
This year I'm back with my first love patchwork, 
although I did see some yarn on sale.....

oh boy 
the to do list coming up!


Anonymous said...

We've been rewatching Wonders of the Solar System on BBC Four. Hubby had the book too for Christmas which is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Your quilt looks wonderful and absolutely not 'bad taste'.
I think 'Summer of Love' sounds great and very apt with your colours, your last post was about the 'inner me' and I think there's definitely a hippy inside me somewhere!!
Loved 'Star Gazing Live' like you though there is more than one reason for watching, he is clever in a very attractive way!!!!
Vivienne x

Simone said...

Did you see the solar eclipse this morning? I didn't, it was far too cloudy and when the sun eventually came through I couldn't look at it in case I went blind!!! Your quilt is coming along nicely. I like the plain colours against the patterned ones too. x

Juliab said...

Your quilt is looking amazing - I love a good mish mash of colours! My to do list is possibly just as long as yours. xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Oh, I think that starry quilt is going to be lovely! Well done!

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Your patchwork looks really great, Clare. x

Twiggy said...

We're watching it too, very interesting. I'm currently making a patchwork cushion and some tablemats for next Christmas !! I really want to have a go at my first quilt this year, just trying to summon up the courage :)
Twiggy x

Lisa said...

Loving the vintagey feel of your new work of art!
I did see the stargazing prog. Must go and watch the new one in a bit, it's very interesting.
Lisa x

Tea with Prudence said...

The colours of this quilt are wonderful - youre capturing the vintagey colour thingy great.

I must say, that I prefer the scrappy, vintage look quilt to the more 'contrived, designed' style of quilt.

Are you piecing them over paper? Or just normal stitching?



Lyn said...

I have not seen stargazing but it sounds interesting, as for your patchwork stars they are lovely.

Diane said...

Your patchwork is (as ever) STUNNING! What is it aboput Brian Cox - such a nice and interesting young man.xxxx