Saturday 11 October 2008

campervan swap

This week was the deadline for JBs campervan swap. My swap partner was Yvonne from Country Bliss. I think we were both unsure of our talents this being our first swap; but no need to worry look at the cute cushion Yvonne has made me, complete with a sign to St Ives!

I also received a van pen. Yvonne how did you know that we can never find pens in this household? Well now I wont lose this one! Also the cutest tiny keyring.

I think our partner swap was a great triumph, If anything this swap has found me a great friend in my favourite part of the world (Cornwall) whom I feel I can connect with!


I say connect because I feel like we are on the same wavelength. My husband was given this postcard for his birthday, 2 days later Yvonne sent me the same one!! I had to gasp when I saw it. Also the day before my parcel arrived I bought this embroidered cushion cover, isn't it eerily the same sort of colour combination!! cue twilight zone music.

After many attempts and ideas above my station I hit on an idea for my project. For a while now I've been wanting to make patchwork pictures and this swap actually made me put the needle to the cloth, so to speak. So Yvonne is the owner of the very first 'prototype'.

Its a hexagonal patchwork, made with traditional paper templates, including 3 Cath Kidston fabrics. The van transfer is a tweaked photo of one of our vintage corgi toys with a swarovski crystal for a headlamp. The I heart VW badge and the slogan were both made with iron-on transfer paper too.

I had a wobble half way through, you know when your not sure if its all going to work, overall I'm quite chuffed with what I achieved and learnt some new skills along the way!

I also made a little card and a label for Yvonnes youngest daughter Lily tied to some sweets!

I like embroidering names in case you haven't noticed, so I just had to personalise my parcel, all sewn by hand which I enjoy, however if you have ever sewn something and then had to turn it inside out, you can then imagine how long it took me to turn out the ribbon! LOL It was worth it though!

I would just like to thank Yvonne for being such a super swapper and sorry if this post is gushy!!


Mrs Jelly said...

Just checking in my camper-van divas!
I'm so glad you made a "virtual" friend from the swap ... that's why I love blogging!
Hope you enjoyed your first swap and thanks for taking part

Lindsey said...

Fab bus stuff!!! I love your cushion but, even more, I love your patchwork pix. All the best things combined in one piece of art - how cool!!

JuliaB said...

WOW!! I love your peice... have you made another for yourself to go in your own van?? It's so beautiful. And your cushion from country bliss is lovely too. I've said it before and I'll say it again .. i wish i'd joined in on this swap! xx

Country Bliss said...

Aww thanks it was a great swap and that embroidered cushion is lovely and spookily matching! Lily is shouting at the picture of her sweets, on the computer!
Yvonne x

Sal said...

It is all gorgeous! You can be gushy all you like! Fab! ;-)