Tuesday 14 October 2008

the wedding

The waters off, so I can't do any cleaning; shame... So I'm blogging instead, and why not?
Well Friday was the London wedding I've been telling you so much about. My husband is still friends with all his school mates, which is great if not a little strange, especially looking back at the photos through the years. So this wedding was one of our group who has made a successful life in London. We all travelled up on the train dressed up to the nines!! This doesn't happen often!

This is the Institute of Contemporary Arts, on The Mall where the reception was held. A beautiful building and super venue which had balconies with views of the London eye and Big Ben.
Unfortunately I didn't have my blog head on so there are limited pictures that don't include drunkenness! Must have had something to do with the free flowing champagne!

I did however remember to take a picture of the dessert which was their wedding cake, individual white chocolate cakes with chocolate sponge inner! Yum!To break the ice as we were seated, they had a fabulous book of who's who, which was such a cool idea as we'd all been split up on various tables. I think my cv is spot on!! fun fun fun!

The Happy Couple! It was a very upbeat wedding with lots of raucous cheering especially when the bride and groom made their first appearance!! Wow stunning! I like individuality! I didn't wear white on my wedding day either!

At this point the boots were off (never to be worn ever again, including walking back to Waterloo). So here we are a rare glimpse of summerfetes half cut author!


Simone said...

The Wedding sounded fab! The picture of you is stunning clare!

Country Bliss said...

Wow, her wedding dress looked gorgeous, the individual cakes exquisite and you looked lovely too. You remind me of someone famous but I don't know who!
Yvonne x

ginny said...

Lovely to put a face to the blog even if it is a half cut face!
You look lovely Clare and the wedding sounds like great fun... i love weddings and wish all my friends who have been in long term relationships would finally tie the knot and throw a party.
Ginny x
ps. i got married in red too!