Wednesday 22 October 2008


Good morning everyone, I would like to say ne hao to my husbands work colleagues over from China and thank you for their kind gifts. The first being of course green tea and the second this beautiful fan in a gorgeous green box, do you see where I'm going here? Its also a follow on post from the blue one, maybe yellow next?

JEERO really does have no clue....


Unknown said...

The poem on the fan was written by a well-known chinese poet. This poem is used to praise plum and show the elegant character of the poet.





Selfsewn said...

Thankyou Min
Clare x

Lisa said...

Hello Clare.
I found your blog a few days ago and have been reading through from the start. I am in awe of your gardening and craft work creativity.
My thoughts are with you for so recently losing your Grandma. My dad passed away just 2 months ago and grief can be so debilitating at times.
I know very well the charity shops you must have wandered around on the way to the PAH the other day as I live in that city and frequent them on occasions as well!
Take care

Simone said...

I like the colour green. I never seem to tire of it. I like green tea too!

Country Bliss said...

Love your green things, Jeero looks cute!
Yvonne x